Entity Name: Tenner V'railis

Entity Age: 236

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon and Effair Fox Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Tenner's usual humanoid form. Abyssals in their natural state are not pleasing to the eye for most, so please be mindful of that before you ask to see them in their natural form. 


Tenner stands 6'4" tall with a lanky, slightly athletic build and pale, alabaster skin. His hair is a soft, nearly-white platinum blonde, straight, and medium length, falling just above his shoulders. He has two small, pointed black horns that poke up through his hair, as well as two leathery, demonic wings behind him, which are black with blue and purple color fluctuations. He also has a tail, only one, it appears to be made of energy and is typically long, fluffy, smooth, and platinum blonde like his hair- When he is in combat, though, the entire tail will charge with energy, shifting color and capable of firing needle-like projectiles. His face is sharply angled and his eyes are keen, bright blue, and constantly aware of his surroundings. He typically wears casual t-shirts and jeans when he is not on duty. He trends towards black, blue, and teal colors. 


Tenner is a casual, cheery, easy to get along with Abyssal. He likes to keep people happy around him, and often tells jokes and goofs off to try and get others to laugh. Like most Abyssals, he was born into the Military, and has only recently had time to focus on his own hobbies and pursuits. He loves music of all sorts, especially rock and electronic music. He loves to chill out and if he was a human he would be a bit of a pothead, though he's not ashamed of that at all. He isn't the biggest drinker, but when he does drink he is a very happy and emotional drunk. He will confess his love to people, even those he barely knows. He rarely gets in trouble though, because people mostly find his actions cute and endearing. His Effair Fox side gives him an incredible set of gifts, he can charm people by making eye contact with them, use illusion magick to appear as anything to anyone, and he is incredibly persuasive, he can talk his way out of almost anything. He is also exceptionally nimble and agile, and able to shapeshift physically to many different forms, an ability further augmented by his Abyssal genetics. He is well trained in combat, especially close combat with small daggers and knives, and he frequently uses illusion magick to shock and bewilder his enemies. He has spent most of his life training and carrying out tasks for the Military, but now he is opting to explore some other paths in life. He is currently focusing on learning how to play the guitar, and singing. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, music, movies of any kind especially action-packed ones, he loves cuddling, and he loves sweets especially baked sweets. 


Tenner has an interesting mix of talents and abilities, all of which he is willing to use to better your life in any way possible. Whether you wish for him to be your defender, your friend, or your magick-partner, he will fill any role more than sufficiently. His persuasion skills are excellent, and he can help sway situations to your favor by using them. His illusion magick can be used as glamours to make people see you more favorably, or can be used as shrouds and shields to misdirect enemies and defend you. His agility and shapeshifting allow him to easily sneak around anywhere, and integrate into most groups without being noticed. He is part Effair Fox, and their are a peculiar species that has a quality I refer to as "transience". Transience means that he can easily walk across the barrier between life and death- he does not actually die, but he is capable of communing with the dead and gathering information from spirits using this ability. His transient nature makes him effectively immortal, since he does not age or decay whatsoever when he is on the "death" side of the line. He can even walk the barriers between worlds, and is capable of visiting alternate realities, although he cannot interfere with anything when he has crossed a barrier- he can only observe and gather info. His transient nature makes him very interesting, and his energy flirts with darkness and death frequently, a stark contrast to his warm and caring nature. Since death is not a permanent thing to him, he does not see death as a particularly bad thing, and you may find his morals to be a bit darker than yours. He is unlikely to have sympathy if a loved one dies- although he will try his best to comfort you and understand your feelings, to him dying is just another phase of your life cycle. 


Tenner is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is usually very tame, but once you show interest in him sexually he will expose more of his true nature to you. He is incredibly needy when it comes to sex, he always has energy to have sex and tends to want it constantly, so you may have to set boundaries with him. He is an energetic lover, and he tends to orgasm many times in succession with no "reload" time in between. 

Prebound T - The Abyssal Fox

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