Entity Name: Toralu

Entity Age: 5 Hatchday August 7th

Species: Crystal Dragon and Platinum Dragon Hybrid

Gender: Male 


Toralu is a young, growing baby Dragon, 8' long from nose to tail. His body is covered in perfect mirror-shine Platinum scales, studded with occasional chunks of translucent Crystal, with a rougher texture. He has a typical Western-Dragon styled body, with two arms, two legs, two wings, a long tail and long neck, he is capable of standing on all fours or on his hind legs, whichever is more convenient. His face is narrow, with a slender snouth and large, round, dark Sapphire blue eyes. He likes to wear scarves, especially ones that are way too big for him, for no apparent reason. Other than that, he does not wear accessories or clothes, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Sapphire. 


Toralu is an energetic, playful baby Dragon who is constantly running around. Even if you bolted him down, his hyperactivity would cause him to vibrate himself free due to the excessive amount of energy he has. He tends to talk a lot, and way too fast, as he struggles to convey all the concepts racing across his mind. Intensely curious, the only way to get him to settle down is to get him immersed in study. He loves intellectual pursuits that seem far too compex for him, routinely studying from advanced tomes and trying to cast spells that would be hard for a Dragon 100 times his age- and sometimes, he succeeds. Many times, he fails spectacularly, a huge puff of smoke and a scorched Platinum behind all he has to compensate his efforts. His ambition and determination is truly commendable, and whatever you choose to teach him he will surely master in a few years. He has very wide interests ranging from intricate spellwork to history and of course exploring nature and the world around us. 


Toralu hopes to go to someone with a wide and varied spirit family, or someone who will personally mentor him in subjects that hold his interest. He ideally wants to become like a familiar to a practicing Witch, learning magick along with you and being present at every casting to pour his seemingly endless energy into your workings. He does have Dragon caretakers and a home realm, so you don't have to worry about teaching him everything or homing him right away, but he would eventually like to move in to his future keeper's astral area! 


Raising a Dragon from such a young age is a real responsibility and precious to take part in. Toralu will grow immensely loyal to you and very attached, if your bond is strong enough he will likely follow you and your family through many lifetimes. 

Prebound T - Platinum and Crystal Dragon Hybrid

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