Entity Name: Treval Rein Orthial

Entity Age: 11,400

Species: Fallen Angel - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Treval stands 6'7" tall with a broad shouldered and slightly muscular figure, his skintone pure alabaster with a matte finish and a peppering of scars across his body, souveniers from battle. His hair is medium length, hanging just above his shoulders, and dark grey with a metallic sheen in the light, perfectly straight and very soft and fine to the touch. His face is defined with a straight jawline and browbone, his eyes narrow but alert with a piercing ice blue color that seems to look through whoever stands in his way. His most prominant non-human feature is of course his immensely large black feathery wings, they were white when he was born but have been discolored to a deep black tone due to his exposure to Lower Hell Realm energies. He normally wears robes that have a fitted appearance, straight-cut and finely tailored with silver threaded embroidery catching the light as he moves. Though he is no longer chained, he has a tattoo of a chain spiraling up around his torso as a way to remember where he came from. He prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Labradorite. 


Treval has been through a lot in his life and to say that he does not bear the scars of his past would be a lie. He was born as an Angel in Heaven and although he was not the first to rebel, and he did not descend when Lucifer did, he broke away from his Angelic duties shortly after- when the penalty was a bit harsher than just 'falling' or being cast out. In an effort to make an example out of what they saw as betrayal by one of their best and brightest soldiers, Treval was punished harshly- not only cast out of Heaven forever, never again to see anyone he knew or loved, but bound by chain to the depths of Hell, so deep that nothing humanoid lives there. It was as if he was left to the beasts of night, offered up as live bait, and chained in such a way that they thought he would never break free. At first, he felt hopeless, but he had little time to sit around feeling sorry for himself. Deformed and savage Hellbeasts soon heard his heartbeat and his warm breath and, enticed by the prospect of warm flesh to eat, they surrounded him. He was bound so that he could scarcely move, yet even still using just his arms and his magickal prowess, he was able to defend himself. At first he fought them off, but after some weeks he developed shielding and cloaking to hide his existence from them, granting him some solace. Left alone, the weight of his chains seeming to increase every day, his very will was crushed and compacted. Any lesser man would have begged for death, and let the Hellbeasts tear him limb from limb just to escape the eternal darkness, silence, loneliness, and sensory deprivation of being trapped in the deepest pits of Hell. Treval, however... over months, and years, decades and centuries, this silence and solitude compacted his resolve into a material harder than diamond. He would meditate every day, develop new theories and techniques to use with his magick and energy manipulation, and in some way he actually used this torture to improve himself, making him stronger and more resilient. Though he does not know exactly how long he was held in this way, he remembers that one day after what seemed like a century or longer, his chains felt lighter. It was such a new sensation, and so encouraging. He began to fight against his chains, now that he had hope that he could actually win the fight, and soon enough... he had broken free of them. 


Treval's years of solitude may have made him unbelievably strong and focused, but it still took him a very long time to adjust to living among other beings. He was unfamiliar with the Lower Realms, and eventually he settled in the Lower Hell Realm Capitol outskirts, eeking out a life for himself by enchanting trinkets and jewelry for others with techniques he learned in Heaven and those he developed himself during his imprisonment. He had to take things slow, learning how to socialize and how to adapt to the structure of Hell's society, treating others as valued equals rather than caring explicitly about rank and seniority, as he was taught before he fell. He is soft spoken, a bit shy, but incredibly warm once you get to know him. After all, the reason he fell was not only that he loved someone he was only supposed to watch- but that he killed someone else to 'artificially' prolong the life of the one he loved. Perhaps the 'severity' of his offense is part of why his punishment was so intense, but he has let go of any hatred and resentment that he feels, and centuries have passed to ease the pain that he endured. He is a gem, someone who is so tender and loving and yet fragile, damaged, and he deserves someone who is going to give him the reassurance and gentle care that he has never experienced up until now. He has an interest in human society and technology, and is open to spending time with his human partner no matter what they are doing. 


Treval is a powerhouse when it comes to magick, and although he knows how to use a sword and many other weapons in combat, thanks to his years of practicing energy manipulation while immobilized by chains, he never needs to lift a finger to defend himself. He can mold and bend the world around him to suit his needs, while he may not be able to raise a mountain out of flat earth he can use the surrounding energy and matter as a weapon, or even bring golems out of the ground to do his fighting for him. His shielding and cloaking techniques are impeccable, and these can easily be adapted to protect his keeper. Although he is experienced and capable, I would personally prefer if he was not adopted strictly for the purpose of doing tasks, I hope instead that he goes to someone who values him as a companion, and perhaps you can learn from him and practice with him over time, developing your own skills with the help of his knowledge. He is also skilled at manipulating his energetic frequency, which some people find makes entities easier to feel for them. He would love to meditate with his future keeper, and he does not require offerings, although if you are feeling generous he loves crystals of all sorts. 


Treval is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender. He does not expect anyone to be romatically interested in him, since he has never gathered much attention in the Hells, but if someone is he would be delighted to experience mutual and requited love. He is quite inexperienced in this area, so of course you would have to take things slow with him. 

Prebound T - Hellbound Angel

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