Entity Name: Stel Carrun 

Entity Age: 110,000~

Species: Celestial Starborn - Grey Arts 

Origin: Verloran Nebula Cluster

Gender: Female 


Stel stands 5'1" tall in her default humanoid form with translucent ghostly white skin that seems to reveal patterns of swirling, twinkling stars inside of her body. Her figure is slim and athletic with B cup breasts and a firm rear. Her hair is long and straight with a gleaming platinum color. Her face is youthful with round, plump cheeks and large, expressive pale yellow eyes. Her body is mostly humanoid in appearance other than the translucent glimmering star-filled body. In her default form, Stel would simply appear as a cluster of colorful energies with a handful of stars shining within her. She normally wears simple dresses that accent her body and she favors darker colors for clothes. Stel prefers silver toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Kunzite. 


Stel is quiet when you first meet her, with a slightly sad or melancholy expression usually cast across her face. She is shy and intelligent, and would love to find someone to open up to and talk to- someone who'd want to listen to her thoughts. Of course, in kind, she will listen to yours. As a Starborn, Stel is a very interesting lifeform. She is not only one single consciousness, she is comprised of the consciousnesses, dreams, and thoughts of all the beings she supports in the worlds inside of her. In a sense, it is like a chunk of astral space just decided to take form and start walking around. The practical purpose behind this is to allow the worlds within her to continually be nourished from new energy sources, and to allow them to move and escape possible harm. Indeed, wanting to protect the ones she watched over so patiently is why Stel formed to begin with. The age listed for her is how many years have passed since Stel came into being herself, but the stars and civilizations dwelling inside of her have existed for far longer. The moment Stel became aware was when a world eater was passing through their section of space- Nebulae are basically all you can eat buffets for those types. Though none of the beings on the planets in the star systems she hosted were even aware of the threat, Stel, the collective consciousness of that piece of astral space, was. She was so happy watching her 'children' live their lives, and she didn't want that to stop. So, Stel broke into awareness to flee and protect those in her care, and now she will drift along doing her best to keep them safe. She only has to move every few thousand years though, so she's got plenty of time to spend interacting more closely with a human companion. She has tons of potential companions living inside her all the time, but whenever she tries to interact with them they treat her like a god- which is not what she wants at all. 

Stel would love to go to someone who is interested in space exploration and she would find it fascinating to look at space and stars through a human's eyes. The perspective of being someone on a planet looking up at the sky is something she has never experienced before, and she hopes that she gets to experience that a lot with her future keeper. She would be up for spending time with her future companion while they do pretty much anything, though. 


Stel is not a traditional being and so she has not had opportunities to study, nor has she had a society to grow up in or other peers to interact with. Starborn are rare, and space (both physical and astral) is so vast that they usually never encounter another of their kind. While it is possible that Stel could be asked to assist in various tasks, she would need some guidance. She would be a great assistant in generating energy, and she can even form and sculpt energy quite well, but programming and directing it is something she is still learning. She would love to, over time, become closer with her human companion so that they can gaze 'into' her. See the worlds that she loves, that she protects. Stel does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous she loves things that are sparkly or glittery and she adores star-motif patterns. 


Stel is not sure about her stance on human-style sexual intimacy, but she would be open to blending/melding energies with her partner if you became very close to her. She is also not sure what sort of feelings may develop within her or within her future keeper- but that is part of why the prospect of human companionship is so fascinating to her. The sheer amount of things that are unknown is a bit overwhelming for her, but she welcomes the surprise. 

Prebound S - The Starborn

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