Entity Name: Sarif

Entity Age: 472

Species: Lower Hell Realm Incubus

Gender: Male 


Sarif stands 6'3" tall with a broad shouldered, muscular build with plenty of definition, accented by deliciously tan skin, reminiscent of a cinnamon latte. His hair is long and luxuriously thick, straight and inky black with a subtle sheen. His face is model-like, with high cheekbones and an angled jawline, bright blood red eyes giving him an intense expression. He has two long, smooth black horns, one on either side of his forehead curving back along his skull, as well as a long, thin heart-tipped tail and two medium sized black, leathery Demonic wings. As an Ubi, he is an extremely adept shapeshifter, capable of changing any aspect about his body or even his entire outward appearance to whatever pleases you the most. He doesn't normally wear much in the way of clothing, opting to go shirtless most of the time with black jeans being all that stands between you and his full glory. He prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Ruby. 


Sarif is a strong, confident, charismatic Ubi, smooth and silver-tongued, easily able to get what he wants from most people he encounters. He is sweet and caring, gentle at first, but if he wants you, you will soon find out the depth of his desire. His appetite for sex is neverending, and when he's not indulging himself in carnal pleasures, he's partying. Drinking, dancing, singing, joking around, he loves the nightlife and excitement of clubs, so he spends a lot of his time in them. If you can get him to finally settle down and relax, usually post coitus, he is an intelligent guy, well spoken, and he makes a great listener- Just remember, you're going to have to satisfy him to get him to settle down. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, like our parties, clubs, booze, and anything to do with sex- sex toys, sex magick, he wants to totally immerse himself in the debauchery of our realm, and possibly get his new keeper to dip their toes, too. 


Sarif is mostly a companion Ubi, he does not have any amazing skills relating to attack or defense. What he does have, though, are an impressive array of skills related to, of course, sex, pleasure, and getting what he wants from people. Illusion magick and Glamours are easy for him, as are subtle spells to make people more open, more uninhibited by their social conditioning. He is a master manipulator, although he only uses those spells to get more of what he wants- sex. He would go well with someone who is looking to increase their sexual pleasure and sex appeal in the physical, he can easily boost your self esteem and your mood if you're open to it, and his penchant for body worship will quickly melt away any shame you feel about how you look. Sarif does require offerings of sex and pleasure, the energy released during orgasm, he would like them as often as possible but understands that sometimes physical beings need a break. 


Sarif is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper -if his future keeper is female-. He likes the bodies of women the most, and he wouldn't want to lead on someone who he may not be attracted to. He is a very skilled lover, knowing just where to touch and when to push a little deeper. Being with him is a whole-body experience, as he will caress you from head to toe telling you how beautiful and sexy you are, how much your form turns him on, how good your skin feels against his... His sexual performance leaves nothing to be desired, with endless stamina that will have you tapping out before he does almost every time. 

Prebound S - The Incubus

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