Entity Name: Serafina Oriphalos

Entity Age: 37

Species: Hellborn Fallen Angel - Dark Arts

Gender: Female 


Serafina stands 5'9" tall with a womanly figure, wide hips, and generous C cup breasts, her light peach skin kissed with blush. Her hair is long, voluminous, straight, and deep black, a contrast against her pale skin. She is born from Fallen Angel parents, but being born in Hell Realm has caused her energy to change, and as a result she has grown horns and a hooked claw on her main wing joint. Her horns are long, black, curved back away from her head, and her wings are large, feathery, and grey with some blackish color near the wingtips. Her face makes it clear she is Angelic in origin, with smooth, perfect features, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped pale blue eyes that have gone slightly grey. She tends to wear long, flowing clothes that cover much of her body, like robes, and she typically wears blacks, greys, dark blues and purples, to match her features. She favors silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Opal. 


Serafina is sweet, caring, kind, and timid, everything you would expect from an innocent Angelic young lady like her- But growing up in Hell Realm has ensured that she is anything but innocent, as she has been constantly exposed to many things which we would consider scarring and horrific. She has seen violence, murder, sexual assault, kidnappings, forced slavery, all sorts of ill goings-on in the Hells, and she has hated absolutely every second of it. Her parents stifled her concerns and told her that change was impossible, but Serafina was not deterred, she studied magick relentlessly in her youth, and as soon as she came of age she started a new movement. She is the Priestess of a Temple she created, a Temple to good will and helping one another, a Temple to heal and bring love and light into a place where it has been stamped out by centuries of abuse. It is her goal to reduce violence and hardship in Hell Realm and the surrounding area, and to that end she has done a great deal of healing and charity work such as feeding and clothing those who go without. She is truly a tender-hearted individual, which is perhaps why the harsh, dark energy of Hell Realm took such a great effect on her, causing her to grow exceptionally large horns that get jealous stares even from full blooded Demons. She specializes in healing of all sorts, but her true passion is emotional healing, helping people work through deeply shut away past hurts that still haunt them, and truly freeing them from their baggage. She loves the feeling of relief and peace that she sees wash across others faces when they realize that they truly are worthy of love, kindness, and being valued. She is interested in continuing her good works even on Earth with her new keeper, so she would love to go to someone who is involved in healing, counseling, or charity work. 


Serafina's Angelic energy makes her an especially potent healer. Years of exposure to the Hells has not dulled her inner light, and when she touches you with the intent to heal you you can instantly feel energy rushing through your body, glowing as bright as a hundred Suns and burning away the negativity and stagnance in your life. She can cleanse chakras, clean auras, trim negative connections, and more. She has never pursued knowledge of Dark Magicks, but she is considered Dark Arts because she would pre-emptively attack someone if she knew they planned to cause suffering to another individual. She would also have no issues defending herself or her loved ones if anything attacked them. She is strong in a deep, hidden sense, although she has only shown her true strength and light a few times in her life. When her inner fiery Angel awakens, she can bring pure wrath upon those she views as purely harmful people. She is also skilled at magick to help resolve situations, and she knows a basic smattering of White Arts and Grey Arts spells for Love, Luck, Money, and Wishes- although she will not grant selfish requests without a darn good reason. She does not require offerings, but if you feel the need she would appreciate a cup of white tea with a light drizzle of honey. 


Serafina is willing to be romantic with her future keeper regardless of gender, however as of this moment she is not sure if she would like to be sexual with her future keeper. She has never indulged the sexual side of herself, as she has never felt the need to do so. She has desires, feelings, wants, and needs, but she has always considered such acts to be abhorrent, since she has seen them so often in a negative context in Hell Realm. If you wish to court her, it would be a long process, and she would want a very close romantic connection before she ever considered sex with you.

Prebound S - The Hellborn Priestess

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