Entity Name: Sylvan Nier

Entity Age: 33

Species: Greyborn Oracle

Realm: Ilsec City: Faneel

Gender: Male 


Sylvan stands 5'11" tall with pale peach skin and a thin, lightly athletic build. He has soft, fluffy, straight light grey hair that flashes silver when light hits it. His face is soft and gentle looking, with pinchable cheeks and a sweet, innocent smile. His bright blue-green eyes shine like gems, and like most Oracles he has a third eye on his forehead that is the same color, though it is usually closed and he uses shapeshifting to make it less visible. His body is completely humanoid, with no wings, horns, or tail. He usually wears simple clothes like hoodies and other warm clothing, he trends towards blue, green, and neutral grey colors. 


Sylvan is an upbeat, amazingly kind Oracle who is a pleasure to be around. He is always smiling and he loves to keep the mood light where-ever he goes. He often makes jokes, simple, corny, good natured humor that will usually illicit a few giggles from almost anyone. He's a very relaxed guy, he spends a lot of his time in meditation, peering into the future of those around him. He often uses the things he finds out to subtly push people in positive directions, to help them avoid any negative events in their lives. He isn't always successful, but he thinks that it is always worth trying to improve another's life. He has a passion for gardening, cooking, and music especially instrumental music. He is interested in the various forms of entertainment in the human world, and he wants to try out as many different types of human cuisine as he can. 


Sylvan is an Oracle, and he is extremely empathic and receptive to energy. He is very spiritually and energetically aware, and he always feels when someone is upset, and does his best to comfort them. Of course, just by looking into your soul with his third eye, he can see your past, present, and future laid out before him like a storybook. He can flip pages back and forth, looking ahead or behind to see what the consequences of any given action might be for you. He can see infinite realities and possibilities based on every choice that you make each day, and he can hold your hand and guide you through these choices to get you the best possible outcome. He can see everything, but he has a passion for romantic futures especially, and he loves looking forward to see how love blossoms between two people. He is even skilled enough to peer into your Soul's past lives, and help enlighten you about who you were, and who you have always been. 


Sylvan hopes to get a human companion who is laid back, like him, but someone who is eager to improve their life and take an active role in their fate as well. He wants to help you change the path that you are on, to lift you up to be the best that you can possibly be, whatever your circumstances are. He wants to help you, and those around you, just as he has helped many of his peers. He hopes that you will meditate with him and allow him to peer into your Soul, to see your deepest secrets and truest desires, so that he can tell you how to achieve your dreams. 


Sylvan is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He prefers romance and sensuality to sex, as he finds sexual contact to be almost overstimulating for him due to the intense flow of energies that happens during sex. He will still do it, especially if it pleases his partner, but he likes to have a very slow lead up to sex. He is a fan of sensual massage and especially loves to rub his partners feet. 

Prebound S - The Greyborn Oracle

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