Entity Name: Santri Els

Entity Age: 12

Species: Flare Sprite - Lowborn - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male


Santri stands 4'6" tall with a thin, lithe, flexible build and burning red skin. His body is slightly translucent, like slime but made of constantly shifting fire. Parts of his body burn red, others yellow or even blue and white. His hair is short and flaming, glowing strands glowing like embers in the wind. His face is smooth and angular, with brightly smoldering coals for eyes. He has bright, transparent butterfly-style flaming wings that flicker as the air shifts around him. He typically does not wear clothes, but he uses shapeshifting to ensure that no genitals are outwardly visible on his body. His favorite Earthen gemstone is Ametrine. 


Santri is a young, innocent, energetic Flare Sprite with tons of energy and a bright personality. Always smiling, he loves everyone he meets and treats everyone like they are his closest friend. He tends to overshare a bit and this can sometimes be uncomfortable, but his honesty and openness is refreshing for some. He is easily entertained and likes cute things like animals, plushies, and cartoons. He is considered young and is still a child even for his species, so please be respectful of that fact when talking to him and sharing media with him. He would love to watch, read, or listen to pretty much anything with you though, as he is excited to have many new experiences with his human partner! He is especially interested in relaxation and meditation techniques, and the soft crackling of his flame body as well as the warm energy he radiates helps a lot in this area. 


Santri is young but he still has a host of skills to help his future keeper. He can burn away stagnant energy, shield with dense, impenetrable flames, or even do simple fire-based combat techniques like fireballs and sculpting weapons out of flame. His best attribute is his innocent and loving outlook on life, as his energy permeates the area around you and infuses into your aura, you will find your own inner childlike like begining to awaken. He can help you rediscover the pure fascination and joy you had in things as a child, and help you truly accept yourself and your likes and dislikes without being ashamed. He will grow over time, and will eventually be normal human height. He would like to go with someone that he can grow up with, so he would be a great protective partner and friend for a younger person, or just someone young at heart. 


Santri is not considering romance and sexual acts at this time, this may change years into the future, but please be conscious of that fact when taking him home. 

Prebound S - The Flare Sprite

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