Entity Name: Sync Ritalfos

Entity Age: 146

Species: Lowborn Incubus - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Sync stands 6'7" tall with a broad shouldered, athletic build with easily noticeable muscle definition and lovely, smoky lavender skin. His hair is long and straight, pale grey-white in tone and super silky to the touch, often pulled back partially into a braid or held back with ornate clasps and clips. His face is elegant with high cheekbones and silver eyes, a narrow chin and long pointed ears accenting his beauty. He normally wears very little in the way of clothing, his style bold and ornate with a strong influence from harem or genie-type outfits. His midriff is often exposed and he loves sheer materials that are slightly translucent, allowing him to show off some piercings that might normally be a bit more hidden. He prefers gold toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Moonstone. 


Sync is sensual, smooth, seductive in every way from how he walks and talks to how he mixes sugar into his tea and delicately sips it, his every mannerism is fine tuned to maximize his sex appeal. Many Incubi are, in Sync's opinion, lazy- Sure, they're great in bed, they can shapeshift and fill any taste or preference but they are just taking advantage of desires that already exist. Sync wants to create desires, he wants to be the fantasy, rather than simply a stand in for someone else in his partner's life. He wants to push the boundaries of what is acceptable, carrying on his excessively eyecatching behavior even in public, causing blushes and uncomfortable shifting in seats all across the Hells. He has become a master of entertainment using his body and he can dance to any type of music as well as performing some other party tricks such as balancing objects on very interesting places one might not suspect at first. His pure essence of beauty, refinement, and raw sexuality calls back to images of Courtesans from ancient times, a concept that Sync has taken to the absolute limit as an astral being. Sync has an interest in music and media in the human world, especially media that focuses on sex appeal. 


Sync is a creature of pure beauty and nothing less than a work of art in motion, but he is not just a pretty face. He would not have gotten so far in life if there was no grand skillset to back up his impressive appearance, and indeed his mastery of sexual magicks is what keeps his noble clientele calling him back again and again. His magick is intoxicating, as he brews potions and perfumes that relax others, relieve stress, open one's mind and senses, inspire arousal, intensify sexual sensations, allow partners to feel each others pleasure in addition to their own, and more. Since this is astral magick, all of these potions are essentially energies, and while they will be most noticeable if you can Astral Project and experience the effects conscously, they will still work on you in a general sense. He can apply different shields, cleanses, cloaking, and glamours, all with his mysterious concoctions. Even just being with him, you'll find that his aura itself feels intoxicating, almost like you get drunk just having him around. He is a fantastic partner for meditation, especially if you like to give offerings of sexual energy- this is his favored type of offering, and he can harness the energy to put it towards any spell you suggest. 


Sync is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender. He is a very generous lover, his behaviors similar to worship as he focuses on every individual body part of his partner, appreciating them wholly and fully from top to bottom. Every part of a being is sensual and sexual to him, and each bit of someone's body can be pleased, something that he will teach his future partner by introducing them to the most intense energetic massages they have ever felt. When it comes time for the 'main event', Sync is extremely passionate, he prefers closeness and that there is mutual care and even love between sexual partners, although it is not a necessity- sometimes he likes a hastily improvised quickie just to scratch the itch, too. He is also a voyueristic kind of guy, which some people may have guessed since he does not take too well to clothing that actually covers anything in a meaningful way. 

Prebound S - The Dancing Incubus

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