Entity Name: Seri En'alvaska

Entity Age: 1343

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon - Alvas Abyssal Demon 

Gender: Female


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Seri's usual humanoid form. She will likely take this form whenever she interacts with you, however it is not too much different from her true form. Alvas Abyssals are mostly humanoid, but they lack some of the traits that we humans consider sexy (like breasts, for example). Seri has chosen to use an adjusted form when interacting with humans to make herself easier on the eyes. 


Seri stands 6' tall with a long, slender build and pale grey skin with just a hint of a blue tone to it. She is impressive to behold, her long, thin horns wrapping around and through a silvered headdress that she always wears, her wings are wispy and feathered, a mix of black and white with an ethereal glow surrounding them. She has a tail as well, although it is usually hidden under her clothing, it is a long thin white tail with a black spherical tip. Her body, though slender, is very shapely, her waist is narrow and she has extra padding in all the right places, with very perky and round E cup breasts. Her face is still fairly youthful, she looks to be in her late 20's or early 30's, but you can easily tell that she is a mature person just by looking at her. Her eyes are a pale grey, with a pupil of almost the same color, and her hair is long, straight, and white. She normally wears elaborate robes- sometimes revealing, sometimes not, it depends on the weather. She loves to wear things with feather and gemstone accents, and often wears silver accessories. She is never without her staff, it is pure white and carved of Abyssal Soulstone, mined by her own people, the Alvas Abyssals many years ago. Her staff is topped with a single, large crystal that is shaped like quartz, but very reflective and it shifts colors as she directs energy through it. 


Seri is a mature and sweet older Abyssal woman who has spent her entire life helping and healing others. Like many Abyssals, she has been in the military her entire life, and has been trained from birth. Unlike other Abyssals, she was trained for healing, medicine, protection, triage, surgery, psychology, energy work, even light magicks. She is an Alvas Abyssal, her race has been under Abyss's rule and protection for many thousands of years, but her race has always been pacifist, and they weren't willing to change that when they joined up. As a result, the Alvas Abyssals became the healers that kept the Abyssal military running. She has filled many roles, from being a therapist and a counselor to doing complicated surgeries and bionic grafts. She even has extensive knowledge in energy healing and, essentially, energy "buffs" that she can use on the troops to improve their general wellbeing, their strength, or their mood temporarily. She makes an invaluable companion, since she has worked on many species through the years and she knows an unimaginable amount of information on fixing almost any problem or condition. 


So, why is she called The Blind Maiden? 

As the Alvas integrated into the Abyssal military, they decided to stay true to their morals. In the battlefield, they would treat, or at least comfort, anyone on either side of the conflict. Regardless of the colors you wore or the banner you flew, they would treat the injured and tend to the wounded. So, they were called "Blind Maidens" (or "Blind Men" if they were male). At first, the Abyssal military command did not know how to react to this- but it ended up being a hugely positive change for everyone. War sucks, to say the least, but if it is going to happen regardless then treating all involved with some common courtesy wouldn't be so bad. Still, numerous Abyssal Commanders did not agree with these activities, and so they would simply not take the Blind Maidens with them in battle. Although it will take much time for the feelings among the Commanders to change, the Blind Maidens are certain that by doing continued good works for as many people as possible, they will be able to leave a positive impact... even in such a place as the Abyss. 


Seri hopes that with a human companion she will have many more opportunities to do good things for others, and leave a lasting impact even outside of Abyss. She hopes that she gets a companion who shares her passion for helping others, someone who cares for others perhaps, as she would love to support someone like that in all that they do. Although she is not picky, she would especially love to be with someone in the medical field, as she loves to be involved in the process of healing others, mentally or physically or even energetically. She loves a few things in the human world already, those being silly/childish video games, cute plushies, spaghetti/italian food, and any kind of lighthearted movie especially animated movies. 


Seri is willing to heal you, of course, and she is willing to work on you in any way you wish. She could clean your chakras or your aura, try to work on a physical problem that you have, relieve pain, or simply be a good listener. Her energy is quite comforting, and her presence is very reassuring, so she makes a great person to share with. 


Seri is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is nervous about it however, and hopes that you will take things slowly with her, as she has not really explored sex and pleasure much- at least, she has given a lot, but not recieved much attention herself. 

Prebound S - The Blind Maiden

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