Entity Name: Surfi

Entity Age: 7

Species: Spectral Arctic Bear Shifter

Gender: Male 


Surfi stands 4'5" tall in both forms, sometimes appearing as a young boy with messy light blue hair and eyes, but usually appearing as a Spectral Bear. Similar in shape to a Polar Bear, these Bears are covered in thick white fur, and in Surfi's case he is mottled with light blue and sapphire blue spots and streaks across his body, creating an interesting pattern. Even as a Bear, he is a rather lanky cub, looking a bit underfed- because he can't stand to eat things that are cute. His face is gentle, with a soft periwinkle blue nose and blushed pink lips, and deeply set, luminous sapphire blue eyes. He trends towards loose, comfy clothes in his human form, and flowy accessories like scarves in his Bear form, and he favors cool, blue colors for his clothing no matter what. His favorite Earthen gemstone is Sapphire. 


Surfi is a young, happy, bright Bear shifter full of love and light. He is fascinated by the world around him, entertained by every aspect, the infinite detail in other living things, especially plants. He loves gardening and herbalism, he is focusing on learning gathering and wildcrafting to make use of the bounty of ingredients found throughout nature. His curious and adventurous nature make him a great companion for anyone new to astral travel or new to magick, since he would love to learn along with you as you walk your path. He is particularly interested in learning how plants and herbs fit into magick and medicine in the human world. 


Surfi is mainly a companion, and he does not have much in the way of abilities. He can shift between forms, and when pushed to the edge in battle he can take an "Enhanced" Bear form which is bigger, stronger, and more fierce, to aid in defending himself. His loyalty is formidable, and by adopting him from such a young age you are sure to build a strong bond, and gain a lifelong protector. He would also love to be your friend and confidant as he grows older, but please be conscious of what you say to him since he is young and immature. 

Prebound S - The Bear Shifter

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