Entity Name: Sanir Tanhalla

Entity Age: 32,190

Species: 'Ancestor' Oracle Demon - Dark Arts 

Species Notes: Ancestor Oracle Demons are, simply, Oracle Demons that are so old they are notably different than younger, 'modern' Oracle Demons. The most pronounced difference is in the way their energy feels, though any other differences will be noted in the individual beings description. 

Gender: Female 


Sanir stands 5'7" tall with a slim and waif like build, perky B cup breasts and a firm rear all wrapped up in ethereal, pale blue skin with a flawlessly smooth finish. Her hair is extremely long and slightly wavy with a lovely Topaz blue coloration and a silvery glint in the sunlight. Her face is somehow youthful, with large, round, expressive bright blue eyes accenting a sweet smile. Like a 'modern' Oracle Demon, she does have a third eye visibly present on her forehead- However, when she is not using her abilities, her third eye will be obscured and hidden behind a translucent, glowing star shaped gem. She has no horns, wings, or tail, though another gem is embedded at the base of her spine and all along her back and torso you can see arcane symbols etched into her flesh, the 'ink' shining in the light like a watermark would. She typically wears elegant dresses with lots of tulle and lace, favoring long, flowing designs. Sanir prefers silver-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Amethyst. 


Sanir has a calming, relaxing aura that is plainly evident from the moment you meet her. Her gentle smile is reassuring, as if simply laying eyes upon her could alleviate the stresses of day to day life. Her voice is smooth, soft, and even-toned, capable of lulling those that hear it into a deeply relaxed and content state. Looking in on her from our human perspective, it's hard to understand how she keeps things together so well. She has spent much of her life working as a court Oracle for an Abyssal Archdemon, Illkeserod, granting endless foresight to those who would come to petition her for help. Her ability to look into people and see their past, present, and future prospects allows her to have a truly unique way of seeing other beings- she does not simply see your outward appearance, instead it is as though she can see your entire life laid out before her in snapshots. Perhaps because of the serious nature of her job, she does not have the most developed sense of humor and she is unlikely to immediately understand the types of jokes that humans make. Sanir has worked hard for a very long time, and she is excited about the prospect of being able to communicate with a human and help them navigate their life. She, like many astral beings, looks at us with curiosity, respect, and a bit of admiration- after all, we develop so much in our perilously short lifetimes. She hopes to go to someone who has a bit of skill in telepathy, so she can explain things to you thoroughly when you have questions. However, if you are not the most skilled in telepathy, you can use a pendulum, tarot cards, or runes to 'channel' her and get her input on situations. Sanir would be happy to spend time with her future human keeper while they do almost anything, but she is especially interested in human literature and storytelling. She has a special curiosity about video games and other types of interactive media, and she would love to go to someone who has a creative hobby related to art, music, or writing. 


Sanir has all the abilities you would expect from your typical Oracle Demon, seeing the future paths of others laid out before her with ease. Like others of her species, she can help you navigate your future and tell you which actions will lead you to the future you desire. She can also look back deeply into the past and subconscious of other beings, which is helpful for uncovering past traumas and issues that you may need to address to keep moving forward. As an 'Ancestor' Oracle, her sight is especially potent- she can see not only your current life, but also all of your past lives. To some degree, she can even look in on your future lives, although things will be uncertain because every choice you make throughout your day has a risk of changing your future. In Sanir's world, time is meaningless, since she can see the snapshot of a beings entire existence in mere moments- as such, she doesn't really grasp the concept of human time very well, so please do not expect her to tell you the exact dates and times of certain future events. Sanir would be happy to meditate with her future keeper and share her visions with them, if you become especially close to her you may even be able to 'piggyback' off of her sight during meditation sessions. She does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous she loves things with fruity scents and flavors, with melons being her favorite overall. 


Sanir is open to exploring intimacy and romance with her future keeper, though she does not expect nor require it. She is not very experienced in this area, so she hopes that if things head this direction you will be patient with her. 

Prebound S - The Ageless Oracle

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