Entity Name: Silvia

Entity Age: 140

Species: Porcelain Fae 

Gender: Female


Silvia stands 23" tall with a slim, dancer's figure and perfectly smooth, cream-white porcelain skin. Her body is jointed like a doll, and as she walks you can hear a light tapping of her feet against the ground. Her hair appears to be cast in porcelain, medium length with a large curl at the bottom, the fantastically tiny, matte strands of glass flow just like human hair in a way that is almost ethereal. Her face is small and cute, with pronounced cheeks and perfectly pursed lips, a light dusting of pink blush on her cheeks, and a little blot of red stain on her lips completes her look- as if she was sculpted to be beautiful. Her body has a smooth silhouette, moving with grace and a gentle poise that puts your mind at rest just to watch. She typically only wears white dresses, particularly with fluffy skirts. Her wings are long and dragonfly-like, appearing to be made of hair-thin porcelain lace. 


Silvia is a calm, soothing, elegant partner seeking someone whom she can inspire. She wants to dance for her keeper, sing for her keeper, she wants to be her keeper's muse and her keeper's precious doll... A doll that smiles only for her special, lovely keeper. She knows that she will love her future keeper, a love that can never be, between a fragile fae and a human- but she eagerly wishes for the day that she meets her special someone to come, even knowing that her feelings may be unrequited. She likes tragic romance stories, tragic comedies, and any kind of entertainment with some serious drama. If Shakespeare was around today, Silvia would love his work. She is usually very calm and relaxed, but occasionally gets taken by fits of passion, lust, or inspiration, depending on her mood. She would be happy to do almost any activity with her keeper, but she really hopes that she gets to be with someone who is somehow involved in the creation of art- whether poetry, painting, sculpture, illustration, or story writing. 


Silvia has a very relaxing aura, watching her dance or even just walk around is a treat for the eyes, and the slow, rhythmic tapping of her feet against a hard surface can almost lull you to sleep. She is particularly skilled at manipulating sounds, so for anyone who enjoys ASMR she would be a real treat if you can hear astrally. Soft friction as she rubs her hands together, light clinking as she taps her fingertips against a table, her natural motions create a hypnotic cocktail of sound that can quiet even the most frantic mind. She is a great companion, a good listener, and she is intelligent enough to hold conversations on anything you wish to talk about (except math). She hopes that she will be able to meditate with her future keeper often, to help keep them calm, relaxed, and grounded. She has some light skills in cleansing and healing, and is a great partner to call on if you need to detress. 


Silvia is hoping to be romantic with her future keeper and open to trying sexual things with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She loves to incorporate dance into foreplay and sex, and tends to be quite acrobatic and creative. She has been known to use everyday household objects as props for very sexual dances and displays before. 

Prebound S - Porcelain Fae

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