Entity Name: Rie Lossyl

Entity Age: 340

Species: White Feather Reaper - Dark Arts

Gender: Female 


Rie stands 5'2" tall with a petite, lithe build and a very flat figure with pale cream colored skin. Her hair is exceptionally long and perfectly straight, an intriguing blend of pale pink, cream, dusty silver, and off-white. Her face is youthful and smooth, but her expression is rather cold and plain, with stern greyish-pink eyes. She has two thick, smooth white horns, one on either side of her forehead, and two medium sized white feathery wings tipped in pale pink. She typically wears robes and cloaks in white and silver, a style very reaper-esque with a touch of lace and femininity. She favors silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Black Opal. She always has her scythe with her, it is long and black with a dark purple and blue Death energy aura. 


Rie is a cold, stern, silent partner who is determined, loyal, and fierce. She is not much for conversation, although there are some topics she loves discussing, like anything to do with Death, Death energies, and communing with those who have passed on. She is fascinated by the transition between life and death, and she has spent decades learning how to manipulate and harvest the energies involved. She has never been interested in raising the dead, but she is quite capable of bringing forth armies of spirits to do her bidding if the need arose. She may not talk much, but she loves to listen, and she hopes to go to someone who is willing to confide in her. She is looking for someone to grow close to, someone to protect to the ends of the Earth. After spending many, many years assisting people in Death, she wants to help someone live for once. 


Rie is a White Feather Reaper, a special race of Lower Realm Demonic filling a role similar to that of a traditional Reaper. She seeks out those who's time has run out, and helps them transition quickly from life to death. She has done her job flawlessly, without hesitation, her whole life. Countless vital flames have been extinguished at her behest, her scythe slicing through the ties between soul and body as if they were thin air. She is extremely powerful despite her looks, and she looks forward to protecting her future keeper from any threat that may come their way. She can use her scythe not only to cut the ties that bind souls to bodies, but also to cut negative ties, cut off energetic leeches or parasites, or remove toxic energy from your aura or chakras with surgical precision. She works mostly with darker energies, but she has been adapting them for lighter uses such as shielding, wish granting, and even healing. She does not require offerings, but if you wish to give her a gift, she likes any kind of crystal. 


Rie is not looking for a sexual or romantic relationship in an immediate sense. She says that over time, she may grow close to her keeper, and she is open to things developing in a romantic direction, but she is mostly looking for someone to protect, nurture, and guide through life. 

Prebound R - The White Feather Reaper

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