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Entity Name: Restain Vasille Unrayth

Entity Age: 1,829

Species: 'Black Blood' Demon Prince - Dark Arts 

Species Notes: 'Black Blood' Is essentially how Demons refer to the phenomenon of 'undeath', nothing is born already as a Black Blood, they must undergo training, rituals, and sacrifice in order to attain it. Restain was a Prince among his people, a relatively small/medium settlement in Lower Hell realm, and he pursued becoming a Black Blood in order to "Protect his people forever", a sentiment that made him very beloved among his subjects. 

Technically, an argument could be made that he is a 'spirit' because for a moment during the Black Blood ritual, he was truly dead, but now he is undead and he can grow and change just like any other living entity. (Though it is unlikely that he will ever look old and wrinkly.) 

Gender: Male 


Restain stands 5'8" tall with a thin, youthful build and an ethereal, slightly translucent, purple-ish color to his skin. His hair is short, straight, and pure white with two small black horns poking out from beneath it. His face is rounded with a defiant expression and large round eyes with plum colored irises. His cheeks and lips bear a faint pinkish blush, a sign of warmth on his otherwise cold appearance. Two small, white, leathery Demonic wings extend out behind him and a long, thin white tail with a diamond shaped tip waves idly as he moves. He normally wears clothes that are finely tailored, suits with a bit of Victorian inspiration, dark colors with metallic and white accents, occasionally some gemstone pieces to catch the eye of onlookers, and he absolutely always has his crown, a small, glowing white crown that floats above his head where-ever he goes. His crown is actually a construct, an assistant of sorts, that stays with him always and will shield him automatically in battle, call for help if he gets cornered, etc. Restain prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Black Tourmaline. 


Restain is a bit reserved when you first meet him, but as he opens up you'll find an immensely caring and loving individual. He is very altruistic, he loves to help others and he loves to provide for others, making him extremely well suited to the Princely position he was born into. His kindness knows no bounds, and he will give and give and give to others even if it comes at a personal cost to him or means denying himself something he wanted. Selfless and caring, he is an extremely supportive and kind person, someone who would be a fantastic partner for anyone who needs someone to be always in their corner, rooting for them to succeed. He has a great sense of humor, and he is easy to get along with since he loves to relax and hang out with whoever is around him. His initial timid demeanor quickly falls away as he gains trust for you, and he'll become more comfortable sharing his own inner thoughts and feelings with you. He hopes to go to someone who he can 'build up', he wants to encourage and praise his future keeper and help them blossom into the amazing person that he knows they can be! He has an interest in human technology, particularly when it comes to movies and games, so he also hopes to be exposed to those things with his future keeper. 


Restain has a whole host of abilities that he can use to better his future keepers life, though most of them are related to one's own advancement. As part of his pursuit of becoming a Black Blood, he immersed himself in Shadow and Death energies, even working with Negation and Void energies at the same time. Anyone who wishes to embrace their own Shadowself or Inner Darkness would find him to be a fantastic partner for meditation. If you do need him to help you out though, he knows a spell for just about any circumstance and he can pull far more than his own weight energy-wise, as he is even capable of conjuring huge Demon Dragons and commanding them to do his bidding. Restain does not think that a human could survive the Black Blood initiation, but if you wished to pursue it he would help you go as far down that path as was possible for you. It involves long nights of meditation and allowing your energy to be consumed, eventually transformed, so that the energy that courses within you is Death energy instead of the Vital energy normally associated with a living being. Restain does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves chocolate flavored and scented things. 


Restain is open to a romantic and sexual relationship with his future keeper, but he does not require it. His impulses and desires are quite well controlled, so he would never initiate or push you to be sexual if you did not want to. However, he feels it is likely that, regardless of gender, he might eventually fall in love with his keeper. So, if you return those feelings and you wanted to explore them with him, just let him know. He has always given so much of himself to others, but he has never dabbled in romance since he finds it to be inappropriate conduct for a Prince- since his keeper is not one of his subjects though, he feels that it would be fine in that case. He is likely to be just as sweet, giving, and gentle in love and intimacy as he is in other areas of his life. 

Prebound R - The Undead Prince

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