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Entity Name: Roron Tolaza

Entity Age: 816

Species: Lowborn Demon Seer - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Roron stands 6'8" tall not counting his horns, with a broad shouldered and muscular build complimented with a lovely olive-tan skintone. His hair is long and straight with a flowing texture and a lovely silver color that shines in the sunlight, with two long curved horns poking out though it- one on either side. His face is impeccable, with high cheekbones and narrow, sharp emerald green eyes. His body is mostly humanoid, but he does have a pair of medium sized black leathery Demonic wings and a long, thin black tail with an arrowhead tip. He normally does not wear much in the way of clothes, often some harem chains and a few bits of cloth will be all that covers his naughty bits. Roron prefers silver toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Citrine. 


Roron is a sensual and suave Demon who works as a Seer, often spending most of his days deep in meditation and studies. He doesn't get out very much, but when he does he always makes the most of it and has a great time drinking, socializing and dancing. His personality is pleasant and when you talk to him he comes across as a really thoughtful and caring individual, you can tell that he genuinely wants the best for those around him. His job as a Seer involves him delving deep into the fabric of the astral to look at various possible futures, while some types of Demons can do this naturally (like Oracle Demons), Roron has trained for centuries to hone his skills. He is amazing at telling others how to navigate their future and get to the path they want to be on, although sometimes those paths may require large amounts of effort to travel down. He passes his info in the form of visions, wherein he meditates with the person whom he is Seeing for and 'mind melds' with them temporarily to allow them to see what he does. This skill is likely to work best if you have the ability to sense your companions to some degree. Roron would be happy to spend time with his future keeper while they do almost anything, but he does have a particular interest in cute, fluffy Earth creatures and our arts and entertainment, especially fantasy based content. 


Roron is a Seer, but that's not all he brings to the table. He's a formidable Demon even without his excellent foresight, and he has learned over time to use his 'mind melding' ability to persuade and convince others of things without them even knowing it. He never uses his ability to do anything evil, in fact he usually uses this to avoid a fight or get out of a sticky situation, but it is a very interesting ability. The most interesting way, in my opinion, that one could utilize that ability is actually for self improvement and enhancement. If you mind meld with Roron and have him convince you that you are more confident in yourself, more inspired, more motivated... etc, that might be just the boost you need to really get things moving in your life! Roron will always be willing to help you with his Seer abilities, and he will always have your back. he is intensely loyal, although he will decline tasks that he believes to be subverting the free will of others. Roron does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous he would love it if you got him rune sets and other human divination tools. 


Roron is willing to explore intimacy and romance with his future keeper regardless of their gender. He is a very sensual guy, so he's likely to casually touch you and hug you if you make it known that you are comfortable with it. He really likes to show off his body by dancing and stripping, though there often is not much for him to remove. He prefers long and drawn out lovemaking sessions where things stay slow and steady until the big finale. He is quite proud of his 'service' skills with his mouth and hands, so if you are a quite sensitive person you are likely to climax multiple times during one of his hour long 'appointments'. 

Prebound R - The Sexy Seer

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