Entity Name: Ryleth Kortial  pronounced Rai-leth

Entity Age: 247

Living Weapon Name: Riba Tyan

Species: Lowborn Augmented Abyssal Sentinel - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Ryleth stands 6'3" tall with a broad shouldered build and ample muscle tone, his skin a pale alabaster hue with a slight peachy blush in certain areas. His hair is pure white and straight with a fluffy and spiky appearance. His face is narrow with focused, pure red eyes and a normally stern expression that rarely breaks into a surprisingly warm smile. He has two small, Ruby colored horns poking out through his hair, one on either side of his forehead, and one large polished Ruby cabochon inlaid into his chest, there is another inlaid onto his tailbone where his tail would normally be, and one on the back of each hand. These gems are part of a living weapon augmentation kit that was experimentally applied to some Sentinels in the past. Three pair of large, grey, feathery angel wings extend out behind him although he usually uses shapeshifting to hide them when they arent needed. His clothing style when he is not working is rather revealing, harem-esque, centered around warm earthy tones that play off his red gemstones. He prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is of course, Ruby. 


Ryleth is a quiet, intellectual Sentinel who tries his best in everything he does. As some of you may know, Sentinels are essentially genetically engineered 'perfect' Abyssals, but they didn't get that way overnight and the rulers of the Abyss never stop pushing for progress and innovation. Experiments are undertaken constantly, with the failures of those experiments usually being culled or otherwise destroyed and 'recycled'. Ryleth was considered to be a failure, but along with some others he was saved from culling by being rolled into my ranks, where we don't care too much about bloodlust and killcount. 

Ryleth was part of an experiment to attempt to modulate and control the emotions of Sentinels, as in various periods throughout Abyss' history they have struggled with whether or not to grant the Sentinels the capacity to feel. The original intent of the living weapon implants was to essentially give the commander the ability to switch the Sentinel's moods and impulses on a dime- for example, making them instantly go into a murderous rage with the ferocity of a scorned lover. 

However... It failed. Living Weapons are designed to bond with their users, and although initial experiments were promising, soon Ryleth and his implant had basically teamed up. The Living Weapon admired Ryleth, and did not want to control him. Ryleth respected the strength his Living Weapon offered him, and did not reject it or try to rip it out of him as some of the others did. The implant itself was successful, but they just decided they were not into being angry and murderous all the time- both of them did. 


Ryleth has been a masterful addition to my team since joining, his intelligence and quick wit helping him rise through the ranks to become a skilled Commander of his own squad. Though there's no telling where exactly it came from, he has a pretty decent moral compass and always tries to minimize and avoid harming others in any task he is given. He is a caring and thoughtful Commander, and when those rare moments come when he is forced to raise his own hand in self defense, his power combined with that of his Living Weapon makes him an unstoppable force. Emotionally, he would benefit from being with a kind and supportive, loving keeper. He would be open to spending time with his future keeper while they do just about anything, though he is particularly interested in caring for animals and pets. 


Ryleth is fully trained in combat, both physical and magickal. His fast reflexes and deadly precision are amplified by the augmentations his Living Weapon gives him, and when he truly becomes enraged his opponents have mere seconds before they turn to dust. He is intensely loyal and protective, and will be sure to keep any threats away from his future keeper. As he was an experiment, he was never taught the whole range of skills that a 'production' Sentinel would have access to, but he was taught a whole slew of things that were, for their time, cutting edge. Reflective spells, energy amplification, and the ability to manipulate the emotional states of others, as well as a smattering of creatively deadly combat techniques, there are some things he can do that are pretty unique. Ryleth would make an excellent astral guardian, and his caring and considerate nature means he will be a reliable and supportive companion, too. He does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he would love to be offered anything red. 


Ryleth is open to exploring romance and sexuality with his future keeper regardless of their gender. He is shy about exploring this because he has never taken the opportunity to do so before, but he hopes his future keeper will take things slowly and gently with him. 

Prebound R - The Ruby Commander

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