Entity Name: Relin Tarliss

Entity Age: 26

Species: Oracle Demon - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Relin stands 6'3" tall with an average build and lively peach skin. His hair is medium length, straight, shaggy, and a beautiful orange-red color. His face is gentle, with smooth lines and a pointed chin, his cheeks blush pink when he smiles, and his bright green eyes pop when set against his red hair. Like most Oracle Demons, he has a physical third eye on his forehead, normally this is closed and he uses shapeshifting to hide it, or he simply hides it with his hair, however when it is open it is the same green color as his normal eyes. His body is mostly humanoid, but hidden within his shaggy hair are two small, pointed black horns, and behind him swishes a long, whiplike tail with an arrowhead tip and surprising strength. He does not typically have wings, but can shapeshift wings if he needs them, his wings are black, leathery, and demonic. He likes to layer his clothes and wear things that are both comfy and stylish, with lots of accessories. He trends towards dark, saturated colors, black, and grey tones. He favors silver accessories, and his favorite gemstone is Lepidolite. 


Relin is an unbelievably sweet guy, with a gentle smile and a soothing energy. He is easy to get along with and bond with, and he has a great sense of humor and an open mind. He is very loyal to those he cares for, and always does his best to protect his friends and family. He is a young Oracle, though he has spent much of his life learning Psionics, energy manipulation and energy programming, rather than focusing on divining as most of his species does. He is still exceptionally naturally talented at scrying and divining the future though, and by looking into someone with his third eye, he can see their past, present, and future all laid out as a branching pathway of infinite choices. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, he would love to study witchcraft, crystals, herbs, and energies used in our realm, and he loves any kind of media or movie with an engaging, feel-good story. He likes rock music, though he likes chill songs, not hard rock or metal. He would be happy to accompany you as you do almost any activity, as he wants to learn about your life and the things you like, too. 


Relin has all the abilities of a typical Oracle Demon, foreseeing the future, peering deep into your heart and soul to see your true feelings, and the feelings of others... He is talented at those things, but his primary focus has been on working with energy. He has spent years learning how to gather, store, handle, and use various different types, flavors, and elements of energy. From Origin to Void, he wields energy effortlessly, making it dance around him as it weaves into the forms he commands. He can program energy for item creation, such as making weapons or armor in the astral, or program it to perform spells or bring about a certain outcome, like gathering wealth or wish granting. He is able to make simple servitors, usually he chooses to model them after small, cute animals. He will eagerly attempt any task you give him, although he will never harm anyone except in self defense. He is, of course, capable of creating excellent shields and defenses with energy, so he makes a good protective partner as well. 


Relin hopes to go to someone who is curious about the future, someone who will appreciate his Oracle abilities, but also someone who wont rely on his predictions to get through every day. He does not wish to lead you blindly through life, but to accompany you and guide you in the right directions, then allow you to flourish on your own. He would love it if his future keeper was also interested in learning and practicing energy manipulation with him. He likes offerings of simply flavored sweets like fruit flavored jellies, juices, and hard candies. 


Relin is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is inexperienced, but gentle and patient, his touches feel soft and loving and he always wants to make sure his partner is satisfied. He likes to incorporate massage into sex and he is a very sensual guy so he will often touch you and be close to you even if he isn't interested in sex at the moment. He would like to note that he is not comfortable being penetrated, when it comes to sex. 

Prebound R - The Oracle Psion

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