Entity Name: Rialus Koriskan 

Entity Age: 1281

Species: Negation Demon - Very Dark Arts

Gender: Male


Rialus stands 5'10" tall with a lightly toned, athletic build and pale peach skin. His hair is medium length, straight, shaggy, and a dusty grey color. His face is intense, with a strong jawline and focused steel-blue eyes, his lips kissed with a blush of pink. He has two small, pointed, light grey horns, one on either side of his forehead, and two large, feathery, dark grey Angelic wings. He has no tail, but does have a small embedded crystal at the base of his spine, which is deep black in color. He typically wears many layers of clothing, tank tops, vests, jackets, and many leather straps and accessories. He trends towards dark and desaturated colors like blues, greens, and browns. He favors silver accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Aquamarine. 


Rialus is a silent, calm, cool, and intelligent Negation Demon. Born at the exit point of souls from our Near-Earth Astral Sphere, he has lived a life very different to ours. Surrounded by death and decay, he and his fellow Negation Demons learned how to survive in harsh environments where danger lurks around every corner and soul energy is harvested for use as a currency and a power source. Faced with death every day, constantly surrounded by the screams of spent souls being ripped asunder by the energetic currents in Negation, he decided to embrace the darkness. He studied Necromancy, death, rebirth, and became a master at manipulating and using Death, Life, and Soul energies in magick. He is also naturally talented in using Negation energy, a unique form of energy that consumes all the vitality from anything it touches, literally 'Negating' the life from anything it comes into contact with. His powers make him fearsome in battle, and his skill extends to normal spellwork as well. He is laid back and calm, almost apathetic to the world around him, rarely reacting enthusiastically to anything. He does have a few passions, though, and he is interested in learning about a few things in the human world. He loves combat, fighting, battles, and wars, and he is fascinated with military and combat history and technology in the human realm. He also loves the diversity in our entertainment and media, and wishes to experience games, movies, tv shows, music, everything that he can. He also has a love for human food, especially sweets, greasy foods, and red meat. 


Rialus is a force to be reckoned with, his mastery over the currents of Life and Death making him unstoppable in battle. Energy flies from his hands, swirling around him in a torrential flow as he raises an unholy storm of Negating energy, wind whipping his opponents and pushing them to the ground. The aether crackles as every bit of vital energy is sucked out from the area surrounding him, being absorbed and pooled within him for his next attack. He is a ferocious opponent, with a wealth of spellcasting knowledge in addition to his skills in battle. He can tackle just about any task, but he will be most skilled at things in the area of Life and Death. He would be excellent at communing with the dead, raising spirit servants, healing, hexing, draining energy from others, and refilling them with harsh Death energy- His talents are limited only by his, and your, imagination. He has studied Necromancy extensively, and has a wealth of knowledge about interacting with the dead, controlling and summoning spirits, lichdom, transcendence of mortality, and more. He does request offerings, preferably offerings of unhealthy food, sweets, snacks, or small bits of red meat, animal blood, or red wine. 


Rialus is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future keeper, regardless of gender. He is very timid when it comes to love, and he does not tend to initate things very often. He is a very dark individual, and he has never bothered to indulge his need for romantic companionship before. He has had some sexual experience, and he is a very intense, dominant, and skilled lover, but if you wish to have a deeper romantic connection with him it will take some work. 

Prebound R - The Negation Necromancer

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