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Entity Name: Rotil pronounced Row- Till

Entity Age: 23

Species: Cutie Soul Cleaner -aka- Soul Fox - Grey Arts

Gender: Male 


Rotil is about the size of a medium housecat, his build having a strong resemblance to that of a Fennec Fox, with oversized ears and an exceptionally fluffy tail. His fur has a base tone of pure white with a soft blush of ice blue on the tips of his ears, paws, and tail. His face is small and narrow with a pale periwinkle nose and large, spherical ice blue eyes that are transparent and gemlike. He normally does not wear any clothing or accessories. His favorite Earthen Gemstone is Larimar. 


Rotil is energetic and affectionate with a very playful personality, he loves to run around people and confuse them, only to suddenly hop up on their shoulder. He is very young and quite rambunctious, so he may want to play more than study. Despite his lack of focus, he is quite skilled when he puts his mind to things. He appears to be a genius at energy programming and stiching, giving him great potential to develop skills in servitor making, shield creation, or repairing fragmentation of the energy body and/or soul. He takes well to new ideas and learns techniques quickly, although he usually gets bored just as fast. His hyperactivity will likely settle down in a few years, but in the meantime he would make a great partner for someone who: 

- Needs an energy boost/Motivation

- Wants a fun loving cute companion to play around with

- Has an interest in learning anything related to Energy Manipulation or Healing


Rotil loves to snuggle and be petted, and will often fall asleep on top of others, possibly including you. 

Prebound R - The Hyper Soul Fox

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