Entity Name: Reifu

Entity Age: 17

Species: Emotion Transmutation Fox - Soul Fox Variant - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Reifu is about the size of your average housecat with a build that resembles that of a Fennec Fox, two large ears sit atop his head rotating to tune in on sounds around him and a great, bushy tail sways behind him as he moves. His fur is long and sleek with a pale purple base color and a more saturated royal purple and magenta mix on the tips of his ears, tail, and paws. His face is tipped with a small pink nose and his eyes are large and round, resembling translucent gemstone spheres with a brilliant Sapphire color. He does not typically wear accessories, and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Topaz. 


Reifu is an energetic Fox with a curious personality, he loves to discover new things and he thirsts for knowledge constantly. His youth means that he hasn't mastered his skills yet, but he is well on his way to doing so and he would love to go to someone in a similar stage as him so that he could learn alongside his human keeper. He is very affectionate and cuddly, with a sweet demeanor and a pure gaze that really makes you feel cared for and appreciated. He is quite playful and he loves to jump on people he loves, often trying to perch on the heads of any being taller than he is. 


Reifu is part of a unique species, an offshoot of Soul Foxes who deal primarily with Emotional energy. This means he can harvest and purify emotional energy put off by you or people around you, and he can even transmute emotional energy into different kinds. For example he could harvest Sadness energy and transmute it into Happiness energy, although his abilities are far more versatile than just that. He can create any kind of emotion or mood that you can imagine- Sexy, Confident, Motivated, Hyper, Determined, Focused, Fierce, and many more. He would make a great partner for someone who has trouble with emotional excesses, since he can remove and transmute any excess energy that you put out. Working with him through meditation, you'll be able to become a master of your own emotions. With some practice, it will only take you and Reifu 10 minutes to completely cleanse you emotionally and change your mood! As he grows and gets more experience, his abilities will grow too, so developing more capabilities is something you should expect over time. Reifu does not require offerings, but he would love to be gifted flowers, particularly Hibiscus flowers or similarly scented things, if you are feeling generous. 

Prebound R - The Emotion Fox

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