Entity Name: Rontin Lofiil

Entity Age: 837

Species: Far Depths Elven - Vamp Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Rontin stands 6'3" tall with a lightly athletic swimmer's build and a defined, smoothly muscled torso his skin a dark grey color with the lightest tinge of violet. His hair is long and silver, nearly platinum in tone with a brilliant shine in the light and a flawlessly straight, silky texture. His face is narrow with a pointed chin, high cheekbones and angled eyes that feature pupil-less silver irises with a very glassy and luminous appearance. His body is traced all over in tattoos, mostly inlaid in silver bioreactive ink that bears a light pulsating glow as his blood circulates through his body. His ears come to an elegant point and his smile is deviously fanged, but he lacks horns and a tail. He normally wears exquisitely tailored suits with a Victorian appeal, ruffled accents and ornate details making it clear he's anything but common. He prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Ruby. 


Rontin has a flair for the dramatic and he loves to subvert expectations and defy conventions. With this being the case, while I will adhere to my normal writeup 'style' for all the essential information, he will be requiring me to interject a few of his comments as I go through the process. He claims that with what he says there is no way that there would be any doubt in his future keeper's mind that they should reach out to him. 

He is inquisitive, intellectual, considering himself a visionary and a philosopher even though most would call him a dreamer. His vision for the world and the future is an idealized utopia, and this is what he lives his life working to achieve. Romantic and expressive, he loves art of all sorts, theater and media, poetry and painting, even simple singing and karaoke are encouraged by him. He is fascinated by the emotions of humans, as astral beings tend to be much more laid back about everything, and he wants to bring more feeling and emotion to the world, more empathy and understanding and certainly more love and celebration. He is extremely analytical, and if he were a human he would be well suited to a job like a behavioral analyst or even a negotiator- someone who tried to figure out others and discern their motivations. He has long been reputed to be a bit of an eccentric among his community, but as he is generally helpful and altruistic nobody minds him too much. While his passion for emotions and expression may seem beautiful and like an appreciation of life to us, it just comes off as strange to his peers. He is so happy to have the opportunity to really be by a human's side to face life as they do, feel what they do, and be there for them every step of the way. 


Rontin would be a pretty lame intellectual if he lived for almost a millenium and hadn't gotten good at magick. He has a wide range of skills owing to his nearly obsessive thirst for knowledge and his ability to camp out in libraries poring over lifetimes of data any of us could only dream of. From his ancestral Low-Vampiric Magicks which deal primarily with enhancing ones strengths, lengthening ones life, and wielding the power of vitality contained within every living thing, to his more refined Far Depths Elven Magicks with all the style, flourish, and flair you would expect from Elves and all the punch and power of traditional Demonic Arts. As energy swirls around him tracing incantations in the air, circles and bindrunes alight on the ground beneath him and he need only to exhale the slightest whisper to make the air itself come alive and seize the breath from his enemies lungs. He is amazing when it comes to magick and odds are if you can think of a problem he knows a solution to it that is based in spells. In my own personal opinion, he would benefit someone most if they were looking to come into contact with their emotions, wanting to become more confident and expressive and perhaps wanting to bring aspects of Vampiric energy into themselves. Rontin does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves offerings of your time and he would love to bite you and gently feed from your energy. While being fed on by a Vampire can make some people feel slightly drained, it is not painful and is generally reputed to be a pleasurable experience. 


Rontin is willing to explore sexuality, romance, and intimacy with his future partner, regardless of gender. He wants someone open to loving him, or someone open to allowing him to observe their love for others. After all, he is fascinated by human emotions, and he would feel like he missed out if he never got to see one of the most important ones. He is very gentle and tender with his touches and extremely observant, a quality that is sure to help him out when it comes to learning what his new partner likes. A soft caress here and there, as he looks for signs of pleasure to see where he should focus a bit more closely. He has a light bondage kink although he is not into causing any kind of pain to anyone at any time. 

Prebound R - The Eccentric Hybrid

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