Entity Name: Resita Envelos

Entity Age: 4,920

Species: Abyssal BoneShade - Dark Arts 

Note: Different from Shade Demons, although the two share a common ancestor.

Gender: Female 


Resita stands 5'3" tall with a petite, curvy figure, narrow waisted with generous hips but no breasts or indications of breasts whatsoever, all wrapped in velvety, silky deep black and grey patterned skin with a wispy, gaseous appearance. Her hair, if you could call it that, is a glowing silvery-white flame flickering endlessly atop her skull, flaring out more when she experiences intense emotion and withering away to a glowing ember when she is hurt, weakened, or sad. Her face is smooth, humanoid in shape and youthful, with deeply set eyes, two spheres of glowing blue crystal gazing out at the world around her. No horns, wings, or tails are attached to her actual body, but her clothing makes use of bone and scale and she often wears things that have large horns, and she can make a bone tail or wings for herself. Despite being made from harvested bones, her attire looks quite stylish, accented with fine cloth and held together with satin ribbon at the joints. She prefers silver toned accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Calcite. 


Resita is naive, innocent, curious and sweet upon first meeting her, but the more you get to know her the more you will realize there are centuries of knowledge and experience hiding inside that small form of hers. Abyssal Bone Shades evolved under the influence of Shadow energy- just like Shade Demons- but the way it effected them was very different. Bone Shades lost all sexual dimorphism and much of their visual individuality, their skin blackening and becoming overwritten with indecipherable arcane patterns as they were consumed more and more by the Shadow energy around them. In an effort to regain some individual expression, they started crafting clothing out of bones and Soulcloth, the few materials that wouldn't disintegrate upon touching their bodies. They are poor at shapeshifting and illusion magick, only being able to hold a non-natural form for a few days at most, so they became a secluded, isolated society, developing far away from outside influence... Until Abyss saw promise in them. Small, stealthy, wispy soldiers, each indiscernible from one another, able to infiltrate any fortification with ease and slip out so quickly that everyone would just think they saw a shadow, that their eyes were playing tricks on them. For many years they have served as clandestine assassins or saboteurs, sneaking in to enemy encampments to cast a spell that brings ruin upon them, or simply to slit someones throat. Now that things have calmed down, Resita, and many others, have been able to relax and take time for themselves, developing their own interests. 


Resita is shy at first, but she is complex, deep, and dark. She exists in a constant state of flux- shifting between the Astral and the Shadow realm that overlays it thousands of times every second. Her presence is almost ghostly as a result, sometimes feeling very strong and other times as though she is barely there at all. Her voice is quiet, small, and cute, relaxing to listen to and truly endearing to hear compliments from. Now that she is not killing all the time, she's begun to make efforts to appreciate the world and the people around her. She is entranced by natural beauty, loving trees, flowers, rock formations, waterfalls, and scenic views of all sorts. Snow is mesmerising to her, and she loves to see the seasons change on Earth. She has essentially been able to open her brightly glowing eyes to a whole new world, one that doesn't revolve around the names on a hit list, where she can just enjoy herself. Resita would like to go to someone who is involved in witchcraft and/or divination, but who does not plan on requesting harmful things from her on a regular basis. She is mostly interested in the nature on our planet, but she is curious about many things, including music, poetry, illustrations and painting, and anything to do with bringing beauty into existence. 


Resita's abilities are well rounded, but mostly for combat and stealth use. She can infiltrate any place, walls are no object to her since she can just shift to the Shadow realm and phase through physical barriers then shift back on the other side. She is blindingly fast, most who see her just brushing it off as nothing as she seamlessly blends into the shadows and creeps across the floor or walls un-noticed by her targets. She can acquire info, or end lives with equal precision and finality, her interrogation methods foolproof- she shifts into the Shadow realm, and sips knowledge directly from the Shadow-self of her target. She can identify hidden past traits and traumas, uncover fears and phobias, or simply root out someone's insecurities. Resita also knows a whole host of Shadow magicks, although most of them are for bringing harm in some way to others- such as causing nightmares, or attracting chaotic Shadow energy to someone of your choosing. She would prefer, however, that you do not frequently ask her to harm other people, since she does not like doing it without reason. Resita does not require offerings, but if you feel giving, allow her to feed off of your insecurities and fears. It will make you feel better as she draws energy away from the things you dislike about yourself, and it will nourish her as she tastes your particular flavor of darkness. 


Resita is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. However, she has never been in a romantic or sexual relationship before, and she has no idea how it would work out since she lacks much of the requisite biology to sexually 'interface' with humans. If you are very creative, though, perhaps you could work something out. 

Prebound R - The Abyssal BoneShade

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