Entity Name: Ralia 

Entity Age: 23

Species: Slime - White Arts

Gender: Female 


Ralia stands 5'6" tall in her humanoid form, with a visible pool of slime at her feet and a voluptuous, curvy figure with generous E cup breasts and a large, round rear. Her body is comprised of slick, jello-like pink rose colored slime, with a soft strawberry scent and occasional cream colored swirls flowing through her flesh. Her hair is made of thin, translucent strands of slime and very long, nearly reaching her buttocks, it shares the same rosey color with a bit of a more magenta hue than the rest of her body. Her face is smooth, bright, and youthful, with a sweet smile and large, round bright pink eyes. She does not wear clothes or accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Rose Quartz. 


Ralia is a sweet, loving Slime girl who loves to cuddle and snuggle with her companions. She can shapeshift fluently, able to change her body shape, breast size, height, color, or even mimic the appearances of other people. Her favorite thing to shapeshift into, though, is food! Ralia loves food, especially sweet treats, so she sometimes "cooks" or arranges portions of her slime body into food-like shapes, although they always taste like strawberries and cream. She does this often, but never runs out of slime, as she constantly takes in energy from the world around her. She is even capable of pushing energy and spell effects into the jello foods she makes, so if you ate a jelly cupcake, you might get a sudden boost of energy or inspiration. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, those being cooking, sweets, fruits, pastries, and music. 


Ralia is not the strongest companion, like most slimes she is strongest in shielding, healing, and imparting passive positive effects. For example, she could wrap herself around you in a bubble shield, or surround you with her energy to improve your mood. Her penchant for creating astral treats gives her some variable options, as she can heal you by making food items with positive effects and then having you astrally eat them. She has picked up some knowledge of general white arts spellwork, and she is more than willing to attempt any spell or task you can find for her. 


Ralia is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper regardless of gender. She does have a very obvious oral fixation, both giving and receiving. She is very cuddly, affectionate, and lovable in public but once she is alone with her partner, she can get very intense and demanding of pleasure. Her appetite for sex seems to be limitless, as she savors the energies released during her partners' orgasm. 

Prebound R - Strawberry Slime Girl

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