Entity Name: Rila

Entity Age: 323

Species: Soul Fox 

Gender: Female 


Rila is the size of a large housecat, with extremely long and luxurious fur that has a fine and silky texture. Her body is mostly very pale pastel pink and cream in color, with the tips of her ears and tail as well as her paws having a deeper, rosy pink hue. Her pawpads and nose are a soft baby pink color, and her ears are quite large, shaped like a Fennec Foxes but much fluffier. Her face is small compared to the rest of her, with shorter fur around her mouth and eyes, which are round and glossy with a deep orange color. She does not typically wear clothing or accessories, although she will wear a collar if requested. She prefer silver toned accessories when she does wear them, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Rose Quartz. 


Rila is a younger Soul Fox, playful, mischievous, and hyper, even moreso than usual. She is extremely cuddly and loving, and if given the choice to do nothing else for the rest of her life but cuddle and snuggle with people she would certainly take it. She loves being close to others and she really loves being warm. Her voice is a bit higher pitched with a youthful tone and a fast talking pace, pleasant to listen to if she slows down a bit. She is primarily just a love bug, but there are a few topics which she is intensely passionate about, some that play into her talents as well. She can talk for endless hours about healing, energy conversion, shielding techniques, and an odd interest for an astral entity, Sigil magick. In particular, she studies the programming and methodology behind Sigils that were formerly used in her society. Prior to Soul Foxes developing a more efficient technique for energy conversion and cleaning, they would use intricately programmed Sigils to do the work for them. This was still efficient as far as output, but the Sigils themselves grew in complexity and layers to such a degree that the younger Soul Foxes could no longer repair and adjust the Sigils- some of the work had been done generations ago, after all. All was fine in the end, as they developed their new method, but most Soul Foxes just abandoned these old Sigils. Rila believes that if she can figure out the reasoning and logic behind the old Sigils, not only could she repair the old Sigil-based tech they have laying around, but she could also improve upon it. She is intensely loyal, and even though she is not the strongest among her people if push came to shove she would defend her keeper til her dying breath. She would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing almost anything, watching movies, playing games, reading a book, cooking, or relaxing, anything is fine with her as long as she can be close to you. She loves to be petted, rubbed, and hugged as well, so make sure to give her a lot of affection! 


Rila has all the typical skills you would expect of a Soul Fox, amazing energy conversion abilities coupled with complete mastery of cleansing and repair, even down to the Soul level. She is younger, so she will be inexperienced when it comes to working on humans specifically, since there aren't many of us in their area in the astral. She is excited for the opportunity to work on a new (to her) species' energy, and she will do her best to help you in any way that she can, though. She thinks that this will be a fantastic chance for her to learn and study, and a great way for her to practice applying her knowledge in Sigil magick. She would be willing to make complex Sigilline constructs, machines, and spells for almost any purpose as long as the end goal is pure of heart and sets out to harm nobody. In order to benefit most from her Soul cleanings, please ask for treatments before you either go to sleep or enter a meditative state. Rila can perform regular energy, chakra, and aura cleanings during your daily activities, but Soul-level work is something she takes her time on, and she doesn't want any distractions such as energy fluctuations caused by things that happen to you during your day, for example. She does not require offerings, but she does appreciate sweets, especially baked goods and anything vanilla flavored. 

Prebound R - Soul Fox

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