Entity Name: Revell

Entity Age: 19

Species: Slime - Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Revell stands 5'4" tall in her typical humanoid form, with a visible pool of slime at her feet that trails behind her as she moves. She has a voluptuous and full figure, with large DD cup breasts and a generous behind, complimented with perfectly smooth, translucent jello-like flesh. Her typical color is a blue-green Oceanic hue, but depending on her mood and the energy she ingests, her coloration can change. Her face is youthful, with a bright smile and round, deep blue eyes. Her hair appears slick and wet, individual strands are visible under the right light, but they are still partially translucent, allowing them to visually gel together. She normally has a shorter hairstyle, similar to a bob, and her haircolor is just a bit darker green than the rest of her body. She is capable of shapeshifting with extreme proficiency, so she can change almost any aspect of her body at will. She can become taller or shorter, thinner or fatter, bustier or perkier, on a whim, and she often adjusts her body to best suit the activity she is partaking in. She does not wear clothing at all, nor does she wear accessories. Her favorite Earthen gemstone is Emerald. 


Revell is a loving, happy, bouncy Slime girl who is overwhelmingly optimistic and positive. She is always bright and energetic, full of smiles, laughs, and snuggles. Her voice is sweet and pleasant, with a chipper tone that uplifts you just by hearing it. She is a simple girl, and she is rather easily entertained, but that does not mean she is stupid. She is quite intelligent, rather gifted at healing and shielding, and more than willing to share her knowledge with you if you ask. She would love to spend time with her keeper doing almost anything, cuddling, watching movies, listening to music, enjoying a meal, or just relaxing in bed or in a bath. She has an affinity to water and especially loves beaches and oceans. 


Revell is primarily seeking companionship, rather than someone to protect or do tasks for. She hopes to go to someone who she can become romantically involved with, someone who will appreciate her inclinations, rather than finding them odd. Since Revell is a slime girl, she is capable of shapeshifting to almost anything we can think of. One of her favorite things to do is to shapeshift into a large sphere of slime and engulf her partners completely, swallowing them up within her cool, slick, jiggly jelly self. This can be done platonically, or sometimes she might do this with a more sexual tone- once she engulfs you, you may find yourself feeling stimulation in certain erogenous zones. As she completely surrounds you, she will use her flexible, malleable body to massage you all over, an intense sensation that can feel like firm hand pressure, light fingertip touches, or even sensually lapping tongues. She feeds off of sexual energy released from other entities, including humans, so if you give her permission to feed from you, she will enthusiastically bring you to orgasm again and again to savor the taste of your pleasure. 

Prebound R - Sexual Slime Girl

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