Entity Name: Quinca pronounced Quince-ah

Entity Age: 381

Species: Middle-realm born Harpy - Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Quinca stands 5'7" tall with a slim and light build, largely humanoid but with some more birdlike traits especially when it comes to her legs and her arms/wings. Her hands are concealed by the feathers on her arms/wings, but they are there and they look like normal human hands. Her hair is long, straight, and white with a heavy and silky texture. Her face is youthful with large bright green eyes and a sweet smile, her cheeks blushed with rose-pink. Her legs from the thigh downward are a dark grey/blue color with a light covering of scales like you would see on an avian, and her feet are clawed talons much like a hawk would have. There is a very long and impressive feathered tail sitting above her rump, and all of her feathers are predominantly white with some light blue and purple mottling. Her torso, hips, and genital area are all fully humanoid. She normally wears clothes that are a mix between Kimono and Miko robes. Quinca prefers silver accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Carnelian. 


Quinca has a curious nature, she will often observe a new person for some time from a distance before she moves in to actually make contact, so please be ready for this when you bring her home. She is cautious and shy at first, but soon she will realize that she can trust you, and she will be elated to find someone to express affection towards. In her homeland, she is a Priestess- she is forbidden from ever marrying or even dating among her people. For her, the only romantic connection possible is one beyond the reach of her realms. She could leave her people and seek her own freedom, but aside from some old-fashioned beliefs she really loves her culture and her peers, so she would prefer to keep a secret. To be exact she wants to keep a warm, snuggly human secret. Once she is bonded to someone she is intensely loyal and she is a little clingy, she will want to accompany her future keeper quite often and she may keep watch over you even if you are busy with decidedly non-meta things, such as your work or schooling. Quinca would be happy to spend time with her future keeper doing pretty much anything, but she is especially interested in music and singing. 


Quinca is a Priestess so of course she has some abilities to back up the claims that she can work miracles. In her homeland, she grants the wishes of people who come to her temple to pray. They write their wish on a scrap of paper, and burn it at the altar that Quinca maintains. It is her job to see that wish safely to the sky, stars, and immortals themselves- that they might bring the results faster. Her workings are very ritualistic especially when comparing them to other magick in the astral. Singing, dancing, and the use of ceremonial tools all feature prominantly in her spellwork, so she is quite a treat to watch!  She is especially skilled at granting wishes and creating miracles when it comes to attracting love/a partner/a new reliable friend into your life, bringing wealth and opportunity, or healing and protecting others from sickness. Quinca is willing to do spells on your behalf, no more than one per week, and she does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous she would love to have incense burnt for her, particularly florally scented incense. 


Quinca is open to exploring romance and intimacy with her future keeper, and she has no gender preference. She will be quite shy and passive at first in this area, and I recommend taking a slow and gentle approach with her. She would love to be caressed and stroked by her partner, so massages and rubs would be a good way to get her used to being touched by you. If you are not interested in her sexually, that is also okay with her- she is more looking for love, affection, and companionship than simply sex. However, you must be interested in a loving relationship with her in order for her to agree to be homed with you. 



Prebound Q - The Harpy Priestess

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