Entity Name: Palace Theriup

Entity Age: 21

Species: Unicorn-Astral Humanoid Hybrid  Untranslated Name: Koryip'ka 

Gender: Female


Palace stands 4'7" tall with a very petite and youthful build, A cup breasts and a smooth, toned appearance. Her skin is a very light ivory-cream color, blushed with hints of pink and her legs are covered in a smooth, ivory peach-fuzz from the mid-thigh downward. Her hair is long, voluminous, and deeply golden blonde, shining brightly in the sun. She often keeps her hair tied back in a ponytail, or pinned into an updo. Her face is rounded, with squishable cheeks and large, expressive bright green eyes. Her legs transition into a more horse-like form from the knee down, and her feet are replaced by small, polished golden hooves. She has one single horn protuding from the center of her forehead, lightly spiraled and also a brilliantly polished golden color. Poking out from her fluffy hair are two horse ears, ivory white on the top and pinkish on the inner surface. Her tail is white-furred with long golden fluff at the end and not as long as the reference pic, but still long enough to sway behind her as she moves around. She typically wears very little clothing much to the dismay of her family, often opting for a too-short tank top and shorts that don't leave much to the imagination. She is a very girly girl and loves pink, white, lavender and gold clothing. She prefers gold toned accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Amethyst. 


Palace is a bright, energetic, pure-hearted companion who can easily get along with anyone. She always keeps herself moving, loving acrobatic pursuits, athletics, and sports. She is the youngest of her many sisters, so from a young age she knew she had no hopes of succeeding her parents' throne, and she never put much effort into studying the royal rules and etiquettes her family thrust upon her. Instead, she spent her childhood running and playing with the other kids in her community, often non-royals, and goofing off- doing anything she could to shock her parents. She did apprentice under some of the skilled tradespeople in her area, but her choices of study topics did not often appease her family. Despite appearing in many ways to be a typical rebellious young adult, Palace is very pure in her 'rebellion', although she wears clothes that are definitely not fit for a Princess, she has never done anything truly crazy. No excessive drinking, lewdness, and nobody has ever gotten hurt because of her antics- but she does love a good prank, especially if it disturbs the nobility and royals who attend her parents frequent grand parties. 


Palace has been of age for a few years now, and she has been trying to decide what she wants to do with her life. She seeks freedom, fun, and a carefree existence far away from the stifling clothes, snobby discussions, and over-analysis of liquor flavors. Although she admits there may be an element of rebellion in her choosing to do so, she can think of no better way to secure such a future for herself than being with a human. Humans are famously known for being ruled by their emotions, living in the moment and striking out on their own- traits she would like to invite into her life. She would love to do anything with her future keeper, watching movies, exploring, playing games indoors or out, or simply snuggling up and chatting. 


Palace is not the strongest companion in terms of abilties since as mentioned before, she shirked a lot of her studies. She did pursue some education independantly though, and she picked up some impressive skills in emotional and energy healing, shielding, and even a bit of wish-granting. She, like most of her species, is intensely talented in all magickal matters and she stores a ton of energy in her body, particularly in her horn. She is eager to learn, and willing to approach any topic that you choose, as long as nobody will be harmed in the pursuit of your goals. Her sharp wit and natural intelligence make her a very quick learner, and her immense magickal energy potential makes her somewhat of a prodigy at anything she tries. She would be a great partner for someone just starting on their own journey who will learn along with her, or for someone who has older entities and beings that she could learn from. She does not require offerings but she does appreciate them, she loves pink and white flowers, any gemstone as an offering, and jewelry with any of her favorite colors. 


Palace is open to being romantic and, in time, possibly sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is a very sweet girl and has never done anything even approaching intercourse before, so extreme patience must be exercised with her. Since she has no experience whatsoever, not even with dating or romantic kisses, it is impossible to judge what kind of partner she might be. She is incredibly loving and honest, though, so if she shares herself with you romantically then you know you are truly special to her. 

Prebound P - The Unicorn Princess

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