Entity Name: Pastan Vantori

Entity Age: 1,334

Species: Lowborn Demon and Shaitan Djinn Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Pastan stands 6'6" tall not counting his horns, with an athletic and flexible build and light muscle tone giving him a slim but strong appearance, all wrapped up in deep grey skin. His hair is medium length and straight with a spiky and unkempt style, a mix of light grey and silver creating an ethereal sheen in the light. His face is model-like with high cheekbones and a sharply defined jawline, his eyes almond shaped with pale purple irises. He has two large horns, one on either side of his forehead, that curve up and outwards in a unique fashion, they are smooth and nearly black in color, he also has a long thin tail with a diamond shaped tip. He normally wears loose fitting clothing like tunics, layered with vests and harem-style pants, with richly patterned sashes and robust leather belts to accent his style. He prefers silver-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Rose Quartz. 


Pastan is a charismatic and confident Hybrid with a slick sense of humor and a knack for fitting in to almost any crowd. He is effortlessly cool, with tons of stories to tell to keep all eyes on him, though he has a reputation for wildly embellishing things when he retells them. He loves to drink and party, alcohol only amplifying the craziness of the stories he tells. He gets along so well in a crowd that you would never guess that Pastan, at heart, is a bit of a self described nerd. When he is by himself, he loves to study and work on magickal theory, he has a deep appreciation for strategy and war games and even psychology, and one of his most hidden secrets is his love for poetry- he writes his own, of course. Seeing him sitting at a desk with his notebook, pen in hand with straight rimmed glasses sat atop his nose would make any book-lover's heart throb. Pastan has an interest in the literary arts and also in art in general, he loves illustrations, paintings, and sculptures and he would love to go to someone who practices art in some way or at least who appeciates it. 


Pastan is nothing if not well-read, so he has tons of knowledge to draw on when it comes to magick and magickal techniques. Of course, as part Djinn, he has a talent for wish granting of all sorts, with a specialization in darker wishes geared towards wealth and even revenge. He also has great talents in helping people to discover and explore their inner selves, particularly their inner darkness with the selfish desires that they may push aside or ignore. He is a fantastic partner for meditation, and he can help you explore the recesses of your mind and your psyche to learn about yourself on a level of depth you never even considered. He will help you accept these darker parts of yourself and learn to coexist with them in balance, so that you can indulge both your dark and light aspects equally in your life. He is also a fantastic defender, with a knack for shielding and magick that obscures the location and identity of others- so he can cloak you, help bounce back negative spells, and more. Pastan does not require offerings, but he does appreciate crystals and incense with light airy scents like lavender if you are feeling generous. 


Pastan is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender, although he is hoping for a female keeper. He would love to have someone to dote on and spoil, someone to read with and snuggle with, and someone to listen to as a confidant and close friend. As you get to know each other better, things may take an intimate turn and he is happy to explore those feelings with you. He is dominant in the bedroom, although very gentle, and he is very passionate during intimacy, caressing and kissing his partner all over. 

Prebound P - The Hidden Self

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