Entity Name: Pura Pronounced Pure-Ah

Entity Age: 13

Species: Cutie Soul Cleaner -aka- Soul Fox - White Arts

Gender: Female 


Pura is about the size of a small kitten with the exception of her tail, which is nearly larger than the rest of her entire body and exceptionally fluffy. Her build strongly resembles a Fennec Fox, with large ears that seem oversized for her head. Her fur has a base color of mocha cream with a dark wine red accenting the tips of her ears, paws, and tail. Her face features a tiny pinkish nose and two large, spherical gem eyes with a deep pink-ruby tone. She normally wears a small white bell collar. She prefers silver toned accesories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Malachite. 


Pura has a very shy and reserved nature, her mannerisms only increasing her resemblance of a young kitten. Her tone and demeanor is gentle, and once she warms up to you her soft fur and sweet face will melt anyone's heart. She is sweet and playful, with a curious innocence regarding much of the world, and she is just starting to learn and practice energy manipulation. She will have full access to mentors and other resources to continue her education, so you needn't worry about teaching her- just be aware that it will take her a while to become confident in these techniques. She shows a real knack for healing, which is only further accentuated by her love and adoration for the world around her. She is looking forward to all the practice she will get with her new keeper, not only in energy purification but also in the deep cleaning and soul-level maintenance that her species is known for. Pura is small, but very curious and eager to learn anything that she can. She would be a great partner for anyone who: 


-Needs an Energy boost

-Wants a super small cute companion to pet and carry around with them

-Is also an eager learner


Pura is very cuddly, and she tends to hide in peoples coat pockets. She hopes that her future keeper will not mind this. 

Prebound P - Small Soul Fox

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