Entity Name: Purin 

Entity Age: 21

Species: Bakeneko - Grey Arts

Gender: Female


Purin stands 5'2" tall with a slim figure, narrow waist, D cup breasts and generous hips with long, smooth legs all wrapped in perfectly pinky-peach skin. Her hair is long, luxuriously straight, lush golden blonde, very voluminous and often pulled back into pigtails or messy buns. Two soft, tabby-orange ears poke out through her hair, and her tail carries the same tabby-orange color theme. Her face is rounded and youthful, with squishy cheeks and large, expressive sky blue eyes. She normally wears relaxed clothing like cropped hoodies and t-shirts with form-fitting shorts or leggings to complete her look, favoring bright and warm colors. She prefers Gold-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Unakite. 


Purin is a sweet, adorable, bouncy catgirl with tons of energy and more love than she knows what to do with. She is simple and easily entertained, caring little for politics and intellectual pursuits. She likes movies and shows which can be easily followed along with, even if you aren't paying much attention- she is a bit hyper, and has a hard time keeping focus for more than an hour or so. She would love a human partner who will dote on her and give her pets and snuggles frequently. Oddly for a Bakeneko, she loves water, especially loving bubble baths and communal bathing and grooming. It is common for her to idly lick someone she likes in an attempt to groom them. She would love to spend time with her future keeper doing anything fun and exciting, any trips, traveling, or adventures you have (even a trip to the local zoo) would fascinate her, and she loves snuggling on the couch and watching tv. 


Purin is mainly a companion, since she lacks any major magickal or combat skills. She could likely hold her own in a physical fight, but she should not be relied on exclusively as a protector. As a companion, she will accompany you all the time, acting as a quiet observer most of the time- like most cats- but making herself very well known when she desires attention! She does not require offerings, but she would greatly appreciate time spent with her, especially time spent snuggling and loving her. 


Purin is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is very lusty and has a major oral fixation, her love for licking translating easily into the bedroom. She likes to lavish attention over all of her partners body before finally focusing in on the main attraction. Her tail and ears are sensitive spots, and when she is aroused touching them can intensify the pleasure she feels. 

Prebound P- Kawaii Neko-chan

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