Entity Name: Paraltes

Entity Age: 5  Hatchday September 1st

Species: Black Fae Dragon and Ivy Dragon Hybrid

Gender: Female 


Paraltes is a young, growing baby Dragon, 6' in length from nose to tail, as she is part Fae Dragon it is unknown how large she will ultimately get. Her body is covered in smooth, soft matte black scales with swirls of deep grass green crawling along her tummy. She has a typical Western-Dragon styled body, with two legs, two arms, two wings, a long tail and long neck, and she is capable of standing on all fours or on her hind feet depending on what is most convenient. Her wings make her Fae Dragon heritage very evident, as they are much more butterfly-like in shape than Draconic, and swirled with heinously bright colors, vivid red, magenta and purple with accents of rich metallic gold and green. She does not wear clothing or accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Peridot. 


Paraltes is simply adorable, with a cuddly and affectionate demeanor more suited to a puppy than a Dragon. She loves to play with others and often pounces on those she loves, attacking them with nuzzles and licks. When she calms down, you can tell she has a spark of brightness and a talent for the arcane. Her genetics hint at what her talents might be, but she may be influenced by your teachings along the way. She has a natural affinity for Fae and Nature energy, and she can make any plant flourish just by giving it a kiss. She is very curious and absorbs information like a sponge, so she will eagerly take to learning any subject. Almost everything in the human world will be new to her, so she is not sure what she might like. She is interested in human media, games, and entertainment though- and she loves physical activity!


Paraltes hopes to go to a keeper who has a small-medium spirit family, someone who can spend a bit more one on one time with her. She likes music and nature, and she would love to live in a place where she was exposed to these things frequently. She does have Dragon caretakers and a home realm she can stay in when she is not with you, but eventually she would like to move in to her future keeper's astral area. 


Raising a Dragon from such a young age is a real responsibility and precious to take part in. Paraltes will grow immensely loyal to you and very attached, if your bond is strong enough she will likely follow you and your family through many lifetimes. 

Prebound P - Baby Black Fae Dragon and Ivy Dragon Hybrid

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