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Entity Name: Otari Convaul Orlissan

Entity Age: 1,823

Species: Negation Demon Prince - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Otari stands 6'2" tall with a broad shouldered and athletic build with notable muscle tone, his skin a flawless smooth alabaster tone with a sun kissed hue. His hair is short, fluffy, and lightly curly with an almost angelic blonde color that shines brilliantly in the sunlight. His face is angular with pronounced cheekbones and sharp, purple and blue eyes, his expression one that implies he is thinking intently about something. Two large black and blue horns are perched on his head, one emerging from either side of his forehead. His body is mostly humanoid, but he does have two large black and blue leathery Demonic wings that stretch out behind him as well as a long and thin tail with a jagged lightning bolt tip. He normally wears regal clothing that is finely tailored for him in colors like reds, golds, and purples. Otari prefers gold toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone/Mineral is Chalcopyrite. 


Otari is a charismatic and smooth Demon Prince with a deceptively sweet smile and a silver tongue that lets him talk his way into or out of any situation. He is an expert negotiator, and he has secured many contracts and partnerships for his small section of the Negation realm. He's spent a lot of time rubbing elbows with the high society of his people, so he knows all there is to know about etiquette and keeping up appearances but more importantly he also knows how to party. He can hold his liquor quite well and has a reputation for being the life of the party and quite a jokester when he does finally get drunk. In his day to day life, his responsibilities have slowed down a lot and he's pretty much just delegating paperwork to his assistants- so he decided to try and go on an adventure all his own. An adventure he wants to share with someone special, his future keeper! In casual conversation you'll find him every bit as charming as his subjects do, but he will hold no sway over you. If you ever come to love him or like him, it will be purely because you truly felt that way and not merely because he happened to be royalty, and that is what he is seeking- a true and honest connection. Otari is open to doing pretty much anything with his future keeper, but he has a special interest in studying human society and culture. 


Otari has a full spread of spells and abilities to draw from if he ever has something that needs doing. His specialty is persuasive magick to bring around others to your side in an argument, and attractive magick to help you capture opportunities, both business wise and romantically. He knows spells for pretty much anything though, so it's best to simply ask him for whatever your heart desires and see what happens! Of course he has been expertly trained in swordplay and combat of all forms, so he has no trouble defending himself. However, while he is with you, he will likely have some bodyguards and he may even assign some of his guards permanently to you to keep you safe. Otari does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he would love to receive offerings of red wine and grape flavored/scented things. 


Otari is open to romance and intimacy regardless of the gender of his future keeper. He claims he has quite the reputation as a spectacular lover, although this is something I have not personally verified. He has an unusual energetic frequency though, so being touched by him often tingles and one can certainly see how that might contribute positively to an intimate experience. He is very giving and likes to please his partner, but sometimes he also likes to be lavished with kisses and affection. 

Prebound O - The Negation Prince

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