Entity Name: Oroli Eratelle

Entity Age: 19 

Species: Greyborn Merfolk - Angler Fish Mer - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Oroli stands 6'4" tall in his purely human form, and he is capable of shifting from a full human to his Mer form easily and at will. In his Mer form, 'standing' on his tail, he is actually a bit taller at 6'7" tall, although he can raise himself up on his tail to be much taller if he needs to. His upper body is humanoid in both forms, lightly toned with a pale peach skintone, and in his Mer form his lower body is quite long with small nearly black, azure blue scales, the tip of his tail flat and eel-like rather than shaped how a typical Mer tail would be. On his tail section, he has two long thin tendrils with a small bioluminescent dot at the end of them, these trail along behind him as he swims and would be a way for him to lure in prey if he needed to hunt- he has two more tendrils with lights on the tips located on his head, and these almost resemble antenna or whiskers. His hair is medium length, straight, silky, and black with a spiky haircut that gives him an edgy appearance. His face features high cheekbones, a narrow chin, and sharp golden eyes that flash in the dark like a wild animal's. He does not typically wear clothes in his Mer form, and in his human form he prefers clothes with a 'surfer' esque style, loose shorts and T-shirts are what he usually ends up wearing. He prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Anhydrite.


Oroli exhudes confidence with a hint of danger, his aura definitely one of a skilled hunter, a predator of the seas that can lurk unseen in the depths and make his move when its least expected. In a social capacity, he is smooth in every way, light touches and sweet compliments quickly endearing him to those he engages with. He is not mean to others, in fact the weakness he senses in other sentient beings gives him an impulse to protect them rather than prey upon them. He is a provider, and he would love to have someone precious and fragile that he could guard and care for with all of his might, a home to return to every night, and someone waiting for him that saw him as more than just a glorified sushi platter. He always feels like when he tries to get close to other Merfolk, they expect him to betray them eventually due to his predatory place in the food chain, and there is never any sense of trust or reliability. Oroli is especially interested in human cuisine, particularly kinds that he has not had before- basically, anything that grows or lives on land. 


Oroli is a fierce defender, someone who will go to arms for his beloved future keeper and pursue anyone who threatens them ruthlessly. His energetic abilities back up what he can do in combat, as he wields water and energy with expertise whether using them for shielding or as a weapon. He is also exceptional at cleansing and helping others to detress, and he loves to give massages, which is something he really wanted me to note as a 'skill' instead of putting it in the intimate section. Magickally, he has a knack for water, ice, and shock based spells, and he knows a decent assortment of spells for various purposes such as bringing change to a stagnant situation, inviting opportunity, and increasing energetic 'flow' in an area. He would love to meditate with his future keeper, to help you sharpen your own senses and enhance your confidence, as well as help you to cleanse and center yourself. Oroli does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves 'spa' scened incense and candles. 


Oroli is hoping for the eventual development of a romantic and sexual relationship with his future keeper, regardless of their gender. He is an experienced lover, especially for his age, but he has never had the privilege of being with someone he truly loves, someone who loves him back. He is interested in sensual, slow, and intense intimacy wherein you both focus on truly immersing yourselves in the energy of your lover, blending your essence with theirs. He prefers to make love in the water, in his Mer form, since his tail is extremely muscular and he can get more power behind his thrusts. 

Prebound O - The Mer Angler

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