Entity Name: Orva Pronounced Ohr-vah

Entity Age: 19

Species: Mid-realm Harpy - Grey-Dark Arts

Gender: Female


Orva stands 5'8" tall with an athletic and toned figure, C cup breasts accented by a perky rear and a lovely peach skintone with a sun-kissed hue. Her hair is spiky and effortlessly styled into a ponytail, the color a fierce mix of red and blonde. Her face features high cheekbones and a narrow chin, while her eyes are sharp with a brilliant red-gold mix. Much of her body is humanoid, but she does have more birdlike feet starting around her mid-thigh and her arms are wreathed with red, orange, and gold feathers as they support her wings. Just above her bottom a little feathered tail perches, shaking and wiggling from time to time. She normally wears loose and comfortable clothes like tube tops or tank tops with shorts, and she typically does not wear shoes. Orva prefers gold toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Mystic Topaz.


Orva has a fiery and energetic personality, definitely the type of person to always jump into situations headfirst and sometimes not look before she leaps. Despite that, she always ends up coming out on top, or at least avoiding the worst of things. Her instincts are razor sharp and she's always aware of her surroundings, though she has some trouble focusing on a singular task for an extended period of time. Spunky and outspoken, Orva is a fun companion to have around especially if you can communicate with your beings telepathically- she always has fun comments to add to whatever is going on! Overall, she is good-natured and she loves to help and protect those around her, so it's likely that as you become close to her she will try to keep you safe, too. She is not the most intelligent being, she has not spent decades studying magick or memorizing arcane sigils, but she is perfectly capable of adapting to new situations and surroundings. She looks forward to exploring the human world with her future human companion! Orva would love to spend time with you while you do pretty much anything, but she is especially interested in athletic pursuits and activities like swimming, walking, hiking, or any kind of sport. She does not require a partner who is extremely active, but she would at least like to be able to see nature from time to time with her future partner. 


Orva is more of a companion than a task-doer, since she is not the most well-studied Harpy. Even taking that into consideration, she still has a lot to offer her future companion. She is strong, fast, alert, and constantly ready to leap into action no matter what situation crosses her path. No hesitation, no second guessing, Orva is there for you and she will always be doing her best even if the odds are completely against her. Her loyalty will grow exponentially as she gets closer to you, and she will fight tooth and nail to make sure that no harm befalls her keeper. She would be an excellent astral bodyguard if you are someone who likes to explore unfamiliar realms. Over time, if you meditate with her and blend energies with her, you may even start picking up some of her enhanced senses or her quick reaction time. Orva does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous she really loves seeds and nuts, sunflower seeds are her favorite. 


Orva is open to exploring intimacy and romance with her future keeper, though she would want to allow things to develop as they naturally would- she doesn't want to force it. She is surprisingly gentle when it comes to intimacy, a stark contrast to her normal fiery personality. She will still jump into activities headfirst and with tons of enthusiasm, but she knows that she has to be careful not to poke anything important with her claws, which is why she takes extra time to be gentle and move slowly. 

Prebound O - The Feisty Harpy

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