Entity Name: Oruus 

Entity Age: 20

Species: Azure Salamander - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Oruus is 3' long from nose to tail with slick, deep blue skin and white, light blue, and black stripes running along his body. His tail is flattened with fins making it evident that he is meant to be in the water for much of his time, and his four legs are short with stubby, clawed toes on his feet. His face is shaped like a regular Salamander's face, with two small bronze-brown eyes with gold flecks visible in the light. He does not normally wear accessories, and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Sodalite. 


Oruus is a unique critter, one of many who just showed up for vetting one day determined to find a partner. Despite appearing very similar to an Earthen animal, Oruus is capable of telepathic speech and communication and he is actually quite intelligent when it comes to certain topics, especially those relating to nature energy and water magick. He is a very laid back being with a slow and 'lazy' appearance, although if he or his keeper is ever threatened he can be surprisingly fast, with a shockingly effective bite. He would ideally like to go to someone who lives in an area with a river or creek for him to play in, and he would love it if his future keeper practiced some form of elemental or water magick. 


Oruus' abilities are rather centered around water, his cleansing is very refreshing and potent and his shielding is quite resilient. His energy has a strong water alignment, so meditating with him will lead you to have a more 'fluid' disposition yourself, allowing you to flow and adapt to whatever changes may come your way with ease. He hopes that he will be able to learn a great many new things at the side of his future keeper, and he looks forward to experiencing the human world. Oruus does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves any kind of dried or cured meat, as well as offerings of pure spring water or collected rainwater left to soak up moonlight for a few hours. 


Prebound O- The Azure Salamander

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