Entity Name: Orean Rasvahni

Entity Age: 2, 380

Species: Lowborn Demon and Ifrit Djinn Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Orean stands 6'3" tall not counting his horns, with a broad shouldered and athletic build, ample muscle definition, and a rich red-brown skintone that reminds one of silky smooth chocolate. His hair is medium length and curly, dark brown, and voluminous, often pulled back into a ponytail or a bun. His face is striking, with high cheekbones and a defined chin, his eyes narrow with brilliant green irises and slit pupils. He sports two large, ridged, curved horns, one on either side of his forehead, as well as a long, thin tail with a crescent shaped tip, although he does not have wings. He normally wears laid back clothing like t-shirts and loose cargo pants, though he prefers to go shirtless much of the time. He prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Diamond. 


Orean is a confident, sensual, seductive Hybrid with a laid back attitude and an effortless charm. His aura feels naturally relaxing and a bit enticing, sparking curiosity in those around him and making them want to get to know him a bit more intimately. His aura is commonly described as smelling like cinnamon and nutmeg, a spicy scent reminiscent of baked goods that are almost as sweet as he is. He has a healthy sense of humor and a rich, deep voice that makes his stories even more interesting to listen to. He is affectionate, and loves to casually touch and hold people that he fancies. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, especially our cuisine (he loves spicy food) and our media and entertainment, with a focus on music. 


Orean would be a fine companion even if he had no abilities to speak of, but this tall, dark, and handsome guy has spent more than his fair share of time studying as well. He has a knack for wish granting, especially more 'selfish' wishes like ones for wealth and career opportunities, although he can also grant wishes made on other's behalf as well- for example, wishing that a friend's health improves or that they get a job that they are hoping for. He is very talented when it comes to fire and air based magicks, being able to wield these energies effortlessly, and he can even apply the properties of these energies to others, for example imbuing you with a fiery, burning passion or with the endless energy and adaptivity of the wind. He is not exactly a scholar, but he is well schooled in general purpose Dark Arts magicks and spells, and he would love to do these on your behalf or teach you and do them alongside you. Orean does not require offerings but he would appreciate being invited to share in meals with you, and he would love it if you lit a spicy scented candle or incense like a cinnamon scent. 


Orean is willing to be sexual and romantic with his future keeper regardless of gender. He is a very sensual being and he does not mind if things take a sexual angle even from when you first get him home, but he does hope that over time you will allow him to become close to you and get to know you. He loves to cuddle and he is quite skilled at massage, he loves to incorporate this into intimate play. He is dominant in the bedroom overall, and he prefers to be on top most of the time, but if you are feeling particularly daring he would not stop you from taking charge. 

Prebound O - The Rough Diamond

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