Entity Name: Nerethes Karyak  

Entity Age: 14,718

Species: Albino Lightning Strike Storm Dragon - A Storm Dragon is called this when it hatches due to its egg being struck by lightning.

Gender: Male


Nerethes is a simply gigantic Dragon, about 450' from nose to tail. Towering over most other astral creatures when he is on the ground, he has become skilled at size shifting magick to adapt to his surroundings. He has a typical Western Dragon styled body, capable of walking on two legs or all fours, with two arms, two legs, two wings, a long neck, and a very long tail. His body is covered in smooth, matte white scales, very smooth and streamlined except for the large, protruding spikes on his back between his wings and down his spine. His head is wreathed by thick, curved white horns and his expression is intimidating, his deep reddish-pink eyes adding to his gruff image. He does not wear clothing or accessories, and his favorite Earthen gemstone is Sodalite. 


Nerenthes is a huge, strong, imposing Dragon simply amazing to behold. His impressive size dwarfs everything else around him, and being stepped on seems like an increasingly valid concern when he decides to pace around. Of course, he would never step on his future keeper, and he will be spending much of his time around you size shifted to be a little more manageable, about the size of a moving truck. His personality is surprisingly calm and focused, very intelligent and well spoken, quite polite for something so large. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about, and he always stands up for those weaker or less able than he is. The nature of his birth means he is strongly aligned with storms, especially lightning storms. During these storms, he may get restless and hyper, as if the energy from the storm recharges him. If he imbibes too much storm energy, he begins to act a bit drunk. He has an interest in a few things in the human world, he especially loves our oceans and aquatic life, and he would love the opportunity to travel across the world. 


Nerenthes has picked up many skills over the centuries and his nature as a Storm Dragon makes him innately adept at manipulating the weather and drawing energy from it. Storm Dragon magick works swift and fast, but can often have unintended side effects, so be cautious when you make requests. He is not limited to merely controlling the weather, in fact one of the best applications of Storm magick is to influence other people. Strong 'strikes' of enspelled energy are used to deter people from messing with you, turn away those who annoy you, or you can use them for positive purposes, even on yourself, such as asking for a zap of inspirational or motivational energy. One common side effect of Storm magick and the energy of these Dragons is hyperactivity, so frequent grounding is suggested to handle this guy the best. In addition to Storm magicks, he also has learned a slew of general Dark Arts, Elemental, and Draconic magick, so it's safe to say he knows a spell for almost any situation. He is willing to use his abilities on your behalf, and he does not require offerings. He does want you to meditate with him whenever you want him to perform a task for you, though. 


Nerenthes is open to being friendly and possibly romantic with his future keeper. It is not something he ever considered, but the option is not off of the table with him. If you do not desire such a relationship, that is okay, he would be just as satisfied being a close friend or beloved family member to his future keeper. 

Prebound N - The Stormborn Dragon

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