Entity Name: Nadia Orransyl

Entity Age: 104

Species: Hellborn Vampire - Sanguine - Dark Arts

Gender: Female


Nadia stands 5'8" tall with a voluptuous, hourglass build, a narrow waist, wide hips, and generous D cup breasts all topped off with lively peach skin. Her hair is voluminous, long, curly, and often colored in very bold combinations- blonde and red, at the moment. Her face is smooth and mature, with plump lips and bright blue eyes that shift to red when she feeds. Her fangs are only visible when she smiles, but they do make quite the impression. She normally wears shiny patent leather/latex-esque clothing that is skintight and formed to her body, often in dark colors like black and red, she loves to wears high heeled boots with her outfits. She prefers silver toned accessories and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Garnet.


Nadia is a sultry, sexy, sweet Vampiress born and bred in Hell with a fiery personality to match her origins. She is a social butterfly, or perhaps more akin to a venus flytrap, often attending parties and luring suitors, male and female alike, into her waiting arms. Her soft appearance and smooth voice calm her companions, as she gets everything she wants from them- Information, sexual satisfaction, and of course... blood.  She does get consent from her partners, but in the state of ecstasy that they are in it would be hard for anyone to say no. Nadia has spent much of her life mingling among the nobility in Hell Proper, where she has gained a reputation for knowing, or being able to find out, absolutely anything from anyone. She has a few interests in the human world, she is very interested in human sex toys and implements, as well as our media especially very lewd media.


Nadia is an intense woman, although her skills are mainly based in Illusion and Persuasion magick, she is more than capable of defending you against most threats astrally. She also knows a wide range of Vampiric and Blood magicks, using essential life energy to craft spells for almost any goal. She is a very loyal and possessive woman- she does not get jealous, but once she is bonded to you she will protect you come Hell or high water. When she has a long, intimate relationship with someone, she does very much begin to think of that person as 'hers', you would not be her slave but you would be -her- lover, -her- human, -her- partner. She does not require exclusivity of course, but she does hope that you will be okay with her referring to you in those ways. Nadia does require offerings of energy, either sexual energy or blood energy. These feedings do not hurt, though they can make you a little tired afterwards, most people actually say being fed on by a Vampire feels pretty good. She would like for you to meditate with her and offer her some energy, your choice of which, at least once a month if possible.


Nadia is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper regardless of gender. She is an intense and dominant lover, an unquenchable sexual appetite combined with pure passion as she kisses and caresses your body during intimacy. She does occasionally like to play with bondage and restraints, as well as involving light, love bites in her playtime.

Prebound N - The Mistress Vamp

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