Entity Name: Nitarou Nickname: Nita      Pronouned Knee-tah

Entity Age: 24

Species: Bakeneko - Grey Arts 

Gender: Male 


Nitarou stands 6'2" tall with a slim, athletic build with slight visible muscle tone and a warm peach skintone. His hair is medium length and wispy with a silky texture and a lovely strawberry blonde color, a tone that is mirrored in his fur as well. His face is angled with a narrow chin and large, round, expressive bright green eyes, his smile hinting at the presence of fangs. He has no human ears, instead having pointed cat-like ears and a tail covered in lovely, fluffy strawberry blonde fur. He typically wears little in the way of clothing, often opting for open button-up shirts and boxers or loose shorts. He favors gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Rose Quartz. 


Nitarou is a tremendously affectionate Bakeneko, even from the first time you meet him. He will nuzzle you while purring, nudging you with his head as he cuddles into you and gets comfortable, arranging his body so he is half laying on your lap. He is a great listener, and when he talks he often accents his words and sentences with "Nya~" even though it serves no purpose other than being cute. He is not the most technologically minded, and he may have trouble following extremely complex story plots (The TV series LOST would be far beyond him) but overall he would love to have a keeper to accompany throughout their day no matter what they are doing. He seeks someone who will relax with him and give him tons of pets and snuggles, someone who will scratch him behind his ears and appreciate his wholesome and pure loving energy. He has an interest in culinary pursuits in our realm, particularly Japanese and Korean seafood preparations. 


Nitarou is not necessarily the companion you'd want to go to for tasks or defense, since he is not magickally gifted. He has had basic courses on shielding and cleansing, but overall has little interest in magick and energy work, preferring instead to just focusing on improving the moods of those around him. You could make a good argument that his sheer adorableness is a type of magick that enchants those who spend time with him, but really it's just him being a preciously fluffy boy. Nitarou does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous he loves shiny things, bells, and anything with a fish motif- his favorite object in my home was a glassblown tropical fish paperweight. 


Nitarou is willing to explore sexuality and romance with his future keeper, regardless of their gender. He does not require a sexual relationship, but he does have some curiosity about how things might be with a human partner. His gentle demeanor is sure to carry over excellently into intimate play, and depending on what you are open to his slightly rough tongue might soon become your new favorite thing in the world. 

Prebound N - The Loving Catboy

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