Entity Name: Natria Orleo

Entity Age: 1,308

Species: Far Depths Elven Demon and Vamp Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female 


Natria stands 5'4" tall with a curvy build and a narrow waist, her generous DD cup breasts spilling from her corset as her plush rear balances out her look, her skin a perfect porcelain hue. Her hair is long and straight with a ghostly white color, nearly translucent in the light. Her face is youthful, her pointed ears giving away her Elven heritage while her pointed fangs and ever-starving blood red eyes out her as a vampire to anyone who pays attention. Two medium, smooth black horns poke out from her hair, one on either side of her forehead, and she also has a lovely small set of leathery black Demonic style wings. Her tail is long and thin with a deep black color and a Crescent shaped tip. She normally wears clothes with a refined, Victorian style, and she loves to wear corsets and layer on accessories. She prefers silver-toned accents and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Amethyst. 


Natria has a warm and seductive personality, from the moment you first meet her it will be obvious that she wants something from you, perhaps multiple things depending on how receptive you are. She is sly and always trying to work her way into being alone with the target of her affections. Every moment that you are prevented from embracing each other is a moment that she will be hungrily lusting for the warmth of your touch again. She seeks someone to indulge her in every way, romantically, affectionately, lewdly, and of course when there can be no alternative to deepen your connection she would wish to feed upon your energy. This will not hurt, in fact most people say it feels pretty good, but it may make you extra tired so please do not just give her free reign to feed on you whenever she wants because you would probably go into a coma. Natria is up for spending time with you while you do pretty much anything, but she has a particular interest in the culinary arts. 


Natria is more of a companion than a fighter, but she does have some interesting abilities. One of the most notable is her Vampiric hypnosis, which she insists she only ever uses as a last resort. Her hypnosis will allow her to secure a 'willing' subject to feed on, and allow her to wipe their memory of the event after the fact. Her hypnotic skills naturally lend themselves to persuasion and illusion magicks, so she would be a good being to ask for help if you wanted to gain the favor of those around you. One of her other notable abilties of course is Vampiric Magnetism, which allows her to amplify her aura or someone elses (like yours) to make them much more attractive and 'magnetic' towards others. Her Far Depths Elven Demon heritage has afforded her numerous opportunities to brush up on her magick and spellcraft as well, so she has a full grasp of the basics like cleansing and shielding, and even some more advanced concepts like construct creation. Natria does not require offerings, but if you are feeling generous she would love offerings of sexual energy, she would also love to be 'offered' the chance to feed on you from time to time. 


Natria is hoping to explore romance and intimacy with her future keeper, she has no gender preferences. She is, as you might have gathered, intensely desirous of affection and energy but also of sexual pleasure and fulfillment. She has what may seem to be an insatiable appetite, and every moment away from her lover will amplify that desire even further. She would be open to anything sexually, though she insists her future keeper absolutely must be willing to cuddle with her. 

Prebound N - The Lady of Unending Thirst

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