Entity Name: Niero Den'Kal

Entity Age: 157

Species: Far Depths Augmented Demon

Gender: Male


Niero stands 6'2" tall with a thin, lightly muscular, athletic and flexible looking build. His skin is dark grey, his sclera are black, and his irises are a bright glowing purple. He has diamond-shaped crystals embedded in his body in his hands and on the front and back of his chest. These crystals glow with the color of whatever energy he is currently storing or using. His hair is medium length, short, and grey with streaks of white. He has two small, pointed horns, one on either side of his head, as well as two dark grey, leathery demonic wings. His tail is long and thin, and has an arrowhead shaped tip at the end. His arms have been replaced with biomechanical parts from the elbow down, they look metallic, and are capable of being shifted into almost any kind of weapon at will. 


Niero is a very intense guy who has trouble staying still, he is always full of energy and eager to meet whatever new obstacle he needs to overcome. He has been through a lot in his life and it has made him a hard individual on the outside, but he will open up once he gets comfortable with you. He likes working on small, intricate crafts, like miniatures, and he likes making scaled down models of pretty much anything. He loves human technology, especially video games, and he is eager to watch some movies from our world, too. He likes to drink, as it is one of the few things that slows him down enough so that he can actually sit down and relax. 


Niero's skills lay mostly in combat and energy manipulation. He is a skilled Psion, and his crystalline augmentations allow him to channel huge amounts of energy at once. He has personally linked these enhancements to a remote energy source, ensuring that he will never run out of juice. He is always prepared, and always on guard, so he makes fantastic security. He is also skilled at shielding, and he is able to gather and store massive amounts of any kind energy that you ask him to get. He knows some limited spellwork, but is able to learn more if he needs to. 


Niero hopes that his human companion will be someone that he can learn from. He envies the peace and quiet that humans have, and he wants someone to relax and enjoy his downtime with. He would be happy to have tasks to do, but he will always completely them immediately just so he does not have to worry about them anymore. He is a little high-strung and needs a very chill person to balance him out. 


Niero is willing to be romantic and sexual with his future human keeper, if his future human keeper is a female. He is not the most skilled when it comes to talking to women, so he tends to stutter at first. Be patient with him, and he will warm up to you. 

Prebound N - The Augmented Warrior

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