Entity Name: Naryal Saln

Entity Age: 189

Species: Abyssal Lowborn Demon 

Gender: Female


Note: All Abyssals are natural shapeshifters, the form described here will be Naryal's usual humanoid form. Abyssals in their natural state are not pleasing to the eye for most, so please be mindful of that before you ask to see them in their natural form. 


Naryal stands 5'9" tall with a shapely, wasp-waisted build, perky and round D cup breasts, and rosy peach skin. Her hair is long, straight, and black, slicked back and hanging down to her bottom. Poking out from the edges of her hairline are two massive, black, curved horns with harsh ridges and a reddish tint at the tips. Her face is smooth and elegant, her narrowed red eyes give her a sleepy, but intense, expression. Behind her stretch two large, black, frayed, leathery demon wings, and resting atop her buttocks is a long and thin tail with a spiked, V-shaped tip. Typically she wears thin, skintight clothes that allow for freedom of movement, along with her traditional scale armor which is a deep reddish-black hue, embedded with brilliant ruby gems. She trends towards dark, neutral, and red colors for clothing, she favors silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Garnet. 


Naryal is a strong, silent, intelligent woman with a mind sharper than Abyssals ten times her age. Her brightness stands out no matter where she goes, as she quickly masters every task she attempts and within weeks is improving on the techniques she was taught, improving effectiveness and efficiency. Her cleverness proved a valuable asset to the Military, so she was spared combat roles and instead trained to be a strategist and covert operative. Like everthing else in her life, once taught the basics she excelled in her tasks, becoming the best and brightest. She has brought supposedly unwinnable battles back from the brink, secured territory and resources in locations thought by many to be unmappable, and she revolutionized the techniques and technology used to communicate orders to mass numbers of troops over vast distances simultaneously. She is nothing less than a genius, someone who instantly sees ways around every problem she encounters, her focused, yet beautiful expression concealing the most vicious weapon in all the astral- a well-honed mind. Once she was given a chance to take a break from active duty and pursue her own interests, she found that she has a deep love for meditation, water magicks, illusion magick, and emotive magicks. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, first and foremost she wishes to learn absolutely all she can about every possible topic in our world to grow her own knowledge base, focusing especially on technology. She also wants to learn about music and cooking, and she would even be open to watching a few movies or tv shows, although she would require a strong plot to stay interested. 


Naryal is extremely skilled in many areas, and there is no area you could imagine which she could not master in a manner of weeks if not less. She is very skilled in magick, with clinical precision and unbreakable focus in all her workings. Her vast amounts of knowledge reinforce her skill, as she can list offhand the types of energy or techniques she might use for a spell for any given task. She loves being given challenging tasks, and so she hopes that whoever becomes her keeper will have some interesting things in mind. Her morals are rather non-existant, although she wont hurt children in any way, she tends to be extremely detached from the consequences of things due to her many years of working as a strategist and not seeing combat firsthand. This is not free license to ask her to do terrible things, as always the karmic kickback for your requests will fall on you, but she is open to pretty much any kind of request even potentially selfish or greedy ones. She is also tough to bond with because of this fact, and she tends to look at situations in a very serious way, often breaking them down into sets of variables and trying to solve them like a problem. Her loyalty, however, is unquestionable- she has never wavered in all her years of service, and she will never waver when it comes to protecting her keeper, either. 



Naryal is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She has never had much experience with romance, so she requests patience with her on that front, but she has a decent amount of experience with sex. Now, you might be wondering, why is she The Abyssal Mistress? 


Naryal is very dominant, she is not into degradation or abuse, but she does like to be in control. She loves to restrain her partners and blindfold them, making them hyperfocused on the sensations and sounds of her actions as she teases and tastes various parts of their body. She does like a little bit of spanking and flogging, and may occasionally reach for candlewax or similar implements. She also has a mild foot fetish, and tends to focus some of her touching and teasing on the soles of the feet during foreplay. 


Naryal is polyamorous and will always have multiple, consensual, 'Submissives' in the astral. She would like her future keeper to be aware of (and okay with) that fact. If there is interest from her future keeper, she may even be able to arrange some group activities with her Submissives. 

Prebound N - The Abyssal Mistress

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