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Entity Name: Maswan Pronounced Mah-Swan
Entity Age: 11,412

Species: Lower Hell Realm Demon and Neb Djinn Hybrid - Dark Arts 

Gender: Male 


Maswan stands 6'4" tall with a slim, athletic build with visible muscle tone and a rich mocha-coffee skin tone with a warm sun kissed hue. His hair is straight and finely textured, often rather messy with a deep inky black color. His face features a straight jawline and narrow chin, his eyes slightly angled with reflective orange-gold irises and a serious expression. Two large dark purple horns with pronounced ridges are featured prominantly with one on either side of his forehead. He has no wings or tail, but does have an extensive purple glowing back tattoo where wings would be that is a stylistic representation of Angel wings. He normally opts for going shirtless and just wearing pants, but sometimes he will wear robes that give him a mystical appearance. Maswan prefers gold-toned accessories and his favorite Earthen Gemstone is Mystic Topaz. 


Maswan is a fierce and experienced Hybrid, having spent much of his life working as a mercenary. His status as a hybrid allowed him unprecented access to the Sanctuaries in which hybrids like himself grow up in, and as it turns out there are a lot of folks in the Lower Realm who have loose ends they'd like to tie up. In the past thousand years, he really began to realize how messed up what he was doing truly was- and a few centuries ago, he stopped working entirely, making a meager life for himself in retirement by crafting spelled trinkets and selling them. Maswan was never the type of person to worry about 'right' or 'wrong', but his unique genetics led to him developing a bit of a conscience. Neb Djinn can copy the abilities and knowledge of other beings, and as Maswan met so many beings before he introduced them to the afterlife he felt it would be a waste to not take a look at what info they had before the moment of finality. In a way, every mark became a part of himself as he took in bits of their experiences and memories along with their knowledge and techniques. Every time he would finish another job, he felt more powerful as he amassed a library of arcane arts inside his head. However, his last job was a bit different. He was tasked with killing someone who, by any account, could not possibly have 'deserved' to die, and yet he accepted the job anyways without thinking. A creature of habit, before the final breath he took a peek inside to see if there were some secret sigils or ancestral workings that he could scrape, and instead all he found was kindness, caring, and empathy. Concern for others, a totally different outlook on the world around him- once this had taken root in his mind he felt it impossible to pull the trigger. His last job, forever incomplete, a stain on his spotless reputation cultivated by years of scarily efficient death dealing. Maswan does not try to atone for his transgressions, as he knows now that nobody is replaceable. Instead he simply tries to keep to himself and not do any more damage. Finally, after years of working with him he has decided to give human companionship a shot. After all, being such flawed beings, who better to understand him and possibly forge a bond with him? Humans, known across the astral as a symbol of development and growth, are an inspiration to him. He hopes to go to someone who will encourage him to grow further and become a more accepting, kind person. He also hopes his future keeper will be forgiving towards him. His personality these days is very toned down but you can still tell that he has been through some tough things. Maswan is open to doing anything with his future keeper but he would prefer to avoid media that is gratuitously violent and gorey. He is a big fan of literature and the arts, and especially seems to like classical music and broadway style songs. 


Maswan has untold amounts of knowledge and secrets locked away inside his noggin, as he has put his Neb Djinn birthright to good use throughout his life. There is probably no spell you could think of that he wouldn't know, including a lot of old ancestral techniques that have been passed down through family lines for ages. While he does not want to cast any explicitly harmful spells on behalf of his keeper, he is willing to cast most types of spells for them and he is also willing to teach and pass on any and all of the knowledge he has obtained- at least however much a human can absorb in our short lifetime. As a Djinn, he is fantastic at granting wishes of any sort, and his Demonic blood gives his work an extra powerful punch so he'd be a good partner for anyone who likes to make requests in wish form. Maswan does not require offerings but if you are feeling generous he loves coins of all sorts as long as they are real metal and make a good heavy clink. 


Maswan is tentatively open to exploring romance and intimacy, but he doubts anyone would have such interest in him. He knows that he is detestable for what he has done, and he would be surprised if anyone could find even a single thing within him to love. If feelings do blossom between his keeper and himself though, he wont be upset- no matter the gender of his keeper. He is not sure about sex and physical pleasure, as this is an area he has not explored much but he is willing to try. 

Prebound M - The Mage Djinn

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