Entity Name: Merilyn Camfels

Entity Age: 25

Species: Ashen Vampire - Sanguine - Dark Arts

Gender: Female


Merilyn stands 5'4" tall with a petite figure and perky B cup breasts and a firm rear, with flawless sheet white skin with the lightest blush of rose on her cheeks and lips. Her hair is long, straight, voluminous and nearly pure white, with a light hint of grey here and there. Her face is soft and rounded with a narrow chin and nose, and large, expressive deep red eyes. Her body is entirely humanoid, the only odd feature being her long, sharp canine teeth which are usually hidden by her blood-red stained lips. She normally wears frilly dresses, lace, puffy skirts, and things that show a lot of skin, she always trends towards red, black, and silver colors. She prefers Platinum accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Bloodstone. 


Merilyn is a sweet, shy, timid Vampire with an air of elegance and refinement. Her movements are smooth and fluid, a true pleasure to watch as she glides from place to place. Her lovely smile warms the heart, and her naivety is somehow cute and endearing. She has lived much of her life in seclusion as she apprenticed and studied at the side of a respected Elder Magick Practitioner for decades. Sheltered from the harsh truths of the world, she always looks on the bright side of things, never having known any other way. She has a love for fashion of all sorts, dancing, arts, crafts, and design, and she loves aesthetically pleasing things like flowers and jewelry. She is captivating to behold, with a beautiful outlook on life despite being born as a Vampire, and having to come to terms with her nature as something that must feed on others to live. She struggles with accepting that side of herself, and feels ashamed of her need to feed, especially when she experiences bloodlust. 


Merilyn has a whole suite of spells associated with Vampiric and Blood magicks, but her true passion has always been Fire Elemental magick. She blended the techniques she learned to control and bend fire to her will with the techniques she already knew to harness power and energy from the blood she fed upon, creating a burning, intense energy she could use for almost anything. She can influence love, friendship, romance, passion, energy, focus, and she even knows some healing and cleansing techniques using fire to burn away negative energy and blood magick to strengthen and fortify your body and your health. Her skills transition well to combat, as much of her time was spent sparring with her old Master. Her delicate and refined appearance goes out the window when she defends herself or others, calling upon her Blood-Ore staff to channel energy more efficiently. She is willing to attempt any task that you have for her, but she does want offerings of energy from you- she wants to feed off of you, and have you freely offer that energy to her. 


Merilyn is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is naive and timid in the ways of romance and sex as well, and she tends to be shy and submissive when confronted with such topics. She is gentle and tender as a lover, but not very experienced. She likes to incorporate biting and sensual licking into foreplay and sex. 

Prebound M - The Blood Witch

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