Entity Name: Lorean

Entity Age: 1,319

Species: White Dragon 

Gender: Male


Lorean is 45' long from nose to tail, about the size of a medium moving van if he curled up into a ball. His body is covered with smooth, pure white scales with a hint of peach blush on his tummy scales. He is shaped like your average Western Dragon, with two arms, two legs, and two large, finely textured white wings. His neck is long and thin, and his jawline is wreathed with soft spikes, with two larger curved horns sweeping back over his spine. His expression is soft and gentle, with large, round golden-brown eyes. A warm peachy-prange flesh tone is visible inside his mouth and on the palms of his hands and soles of his feet. His tail is long and thick, with a rounded tip that completes his gentle look. 


Lorean is an intelligent, calm, collected Dragon who has spent much of his time studying healing magicks and White Arts spells. He is very focused when he is studying, and has even been mistaken for a statue once or twice when he was in periods of deep focus. He loves to meditate, and hopes that he goes to someone who shares his love for meditation, since he believes it is the one true path to inner peace and self acceptance. Lorean is not religious, but he does believe in a healthy and structured regiment of self improvement. He will always push you to be the best that you can, and if he sees you fall off the wagon, he will reassure you, but encourage you to get back on track. He is a great partner for anyone dealing with healing from past trauma, since he has spent centuries perfecting his healing magicks and techniques. He hopes to help his future keeper realize their true potential inside themselves, and bring that potential to fruition. 


Lorean is skilled in healing and defense, but he is a Hard White Arts Dragon, which means he will only ever defend himself or those close to him- he will never pre-emptively attack, or initiate a conflict with someone if at all possible. He is very polite and well mannered, with a gentle way of speaking to those he loves. He has a thirst for knowledge, but he does not wish to learn any Dark or Black Arts magick, and he would be sad if you turned to those methods before considering a White Arts approach. He would make a fantastic partner for a new keeper, since he is very even-tempered and does not rile easily, and he is willing to answer questions infinitely as long as his answers are teaching you something new. 


Lorean is not interested in a romantic or sexual relationship with his keeper at this time, although over years his position may change. 

Prebound L - White Dragon

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