Entity Name: Luuvi    Pronounced Lou-vee

Entity Age: 19

Species: Sheean - Enrora Species - Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Luuvi stands 4'8" tall with a soft, curvy build and a generous D cup bust, her skin pale ivory and covered in smooth white peachfuzz. Her hair is long and voluminous with a fluffy curly texture with adorable thick ringlets throughout, the color a flaxen gold. Her face is round and youthful with plush cheeks and a sweet expression, her eyes round with a pale purple color as her lips blush a sweet pink. She features curly grey ram-like horns and a wiggly sheep ears, plus a fluffy puff of a sheep's tail dancing happily above her generous rump. Her hands are normal as you would expect for a human, but her feet have been replaced by sheep's hooves. She normally wears comfy 'cute' clothing with a slight sexual edge in colors that are very girly such as pinks and purples. She prefers gold-toned accessories and her favorite Earthen Gemstone is Rose Quartz. 


Luuvi is a cloyingly sweet Sheean with a manner of speech that is almost aggressively familiar, calling even those she's just met honey-pie and sugar-plum or whatever else she can think of. Her voice and her laugh are endearing and uplifting, even though some people find her optimism annoying everyone agrees that her energy and genuine innocent positivity is a great asset. She is very affectionate and caring, even if she barely knows someone she would instantly go to the ends of Enrora to help them out, and she loves to hug, cuddle, and snuggle, so she will often use those methods to try and sweeten a sour mood. Empathy is a defining attribute for her, and she is very easy to connect to and open up to, often leading to others pouring their hearts out to her- in a way, she's like a healer to everyone around her as she allows them to expel their negativity and she wipes it away with her purely positive nature. Luuvi has an interest in a few things in the human world, most notably our sex and kink culture as well as our popular media, she loves to dance and she is interested in learning and experimenting with stripping and sensual dancing as well. 


Luuvi is much more of a companion than a task-doer, she is amazing to have around and a pleasure to be around but she is not the strongest or the most skilled in magick. She has been taught to do basic shielding and cleansing as well as adjusting her own energetic frequency to make herself easier to feel. Like all Enrorans, Luuvi experiences erogenous zone growth when she is aroused, particularly affecting her breasts, buttocks, and thighs. As energy fills these areas they will swell with anticipation, her breasts in particular being capable of far more expansion than would seem reasonable. She does produce milk, like most females of her species, and milking her breasts when they are enlarged is one way to help relieve the pressure she feels- although the best way to relieve that pressure for her is simply to sexually satisfy her. Luuvi does not require offerings but she would always appeciate offerings of your time and the energy you release during orgasm. 


Luuvi is willing to be sexual and romantic with her future keeper as long as her future keeper is male. She loves the feeling of being penetrated sexually, so her attraction is primarily towards men. She has a particular infatuation with bondage and she is incredibly submissive intimately, she loves to worship and pamper her partner and she loves to use every part of her body to do so. 

Prebound L - The Subby Sheep

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