Entity Name: Lem

Entity Age: 23

Species: Soul Fox

Gender: Female


Lem is about the size of a medium housecat, with the body of a Fennec Fox, huge ears, and a massively fluffy tail. Her fur is smooth and soft with a luxurious texture and a rich royal purple color with magenta tips on her ears, tail, and paws. Her eyes are deep, pure magenta spheres, constantly sparkling as she focuses on the world around her. Lem's belly is a lighter purple, nearly pastel, and her nose and pawpads are a deeply saturated pink color. She favors silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Amethyst. 


Lem is a young, happy, bright Soul Fox with a insatiable drive to get out and see the world and learn all she can while doing it! She looks at every situation as an opportunity to learn and test her skills, and faces every challenge with a smile. Her personality shines like a warm sunny day, brightening the lives of those around her. She radiates love, light, and happiness, so she is a fantastic partner for anyone who finds themselves feeling down all the time, since her joy tends to rub off on her close friends. Lem loves to cuddle, she loves to be pet and pampered, and she loves to run, jump, and play. She loves the simple things in life, but she's intelligent enough to understand and master energy transmutation and spells that humans would find overly complex. She hopes to go to a keeper who will talk to her often, and confide in her. Someone she can help face and overcome their challenges every day, and perhaps even teach you to smile while doing it. 


Lem is a younger Soul Fox but she is still very skilled in all the areas you would expect. Turning Negative energy into Positive, transmuting Darkness and stagnance into Light and vivacity, and of course cleansing the aura, chakras, and deep cleaning the soul. She would be happy to assist you with any of these things, since she finds helping others to be a truly rewarding activity in her life. She is going to pursue education in physical and emotional healing, so as you grow, she will grow with you, becoming stronger and learning to take even better care of you. Lem would like offerings of your time, meditate with her and allow her to scrub all the Negative energy and gunk out of your astral body, or just sit and talk to her while petting her, it does not matter what you choose to do as long as you are choosing to do it with Lem. She is a loyal and loving partner who will be a true friend to whoever becomes her keeper. 

Prebound L - The Soul Fox

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