Entity Name: Lysaria Verilla Cal'tu

Entity Age: 12,136

Species: Lower Realm Demoness - Dark Arts 

Gender: Female


Lysaria stands 5'8" tall with a slender but hippy build, with proportional C cup breasts and a large, rounded bottom, an elegant look with her ghostly pale skin. Her hair is long, straight, a dusty white with hints of grey and strands out of place here and there, she typically keeps it in a single large braid for ease of care. Her face is smooth and youthful despite her exceptional longevity, and her deep yellow eyes shine like gems. She is mostly humanoid, with a long, thin black tail with a diamond tip, two leathery black demon wings, and two large, smooth dark grey horns peeking out on either side of her head. She favors sexy clothes with a flowing look, corsets and long skirts are a hit with her, and she always wears tons of accessories with pops of color and patterns. She trends towards white, light grey, and beige colored main pieces, but she will love almost any color accessory. She prefers silver accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Amethyst. 


Lysaria is a bright, colorful character with a contagious laugh and a sinister sense of humor. She loves pranks of all sorts, and jokes, even offensive ones. She is quite dark compared to most entities on my shop, since she has a very different background. She has lived an exceptionally long time relative to humans, and she has done that by mastery of the Necromantic arts. She harnesses death energy in her spellwork, and straddles the line between living and dead. She lives only due to her magick, otherwise her body and form would have long since deteriorated by now, and of course for extending her life there is a cost that must be paid in blood, or at least in soul energy. Due to her way of life, having to steal days from the living to continue living herself, she has a very dark and macabre sense of humor and way of thinking. To her death is another part of the cycle of life, and yet despite knowing everything about death she still preserves her own life. She insists it is not fear, but curiousity and a passion for life that have driven her to live on stolen time like this. She spends much of her time studying other cultures and realms Necromantic tomes and texts, always seeking to increase her knowledge. She has an interest in a few things in the human world, gory and horror movies would be a favorite of hers, she also loves tragic stories and tends to have a fascination with terrible events that lead to a lot of deaths, like war. 


Lysaria is an immensely skilled Necromancer, defying death and time themselves to continue existing in the tragic world that she loves so much. She can do almost anything with death energies, from creating soulless ghoul-like servants and homunculi, to cursing, hexing, and any kind of spellwork that deals with expelling someone or something from your life. This does not necessarily mean she will kill people, but she can repel those you don't like using her magick, and she can also shield you and reverse any incoming negative energies. Raising the astral dead is an easy task for her, although they do not return to their fully sentient state, usually just milling about like zombies until she gives them a task. Her ability to raise literal armies from the ground makes her a formidable force to come up against no matter who you are, and her mastery of death energy and Necromancy know no limits except your creativity and her determination. She is willing to do any sort of task for you, she does not care if it is selfish, however she does like offerings when possible. She prefers offerings of red wine or spiced wine, cinnamon, and vanilla. 


Lysaria is willing to be romantic and sexual with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is a dominant and passionate lover, moaning and crying out during lovemaking. She likes to be on top typically, although she does have a surprisingly sweet, almost innocent side to her. She is no stranger to death and darkness, but she has not explored sex much in her long lifetime. It became something she simply did not have time for, with her studies and quest to keep extending her life consuming her. She hopes that with the right keeper, she can open up emotionally and sexually. 

Prebound L - The Necromancer Demon

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