Entity Name: Liru

Entity Age: 314

Species: Greyborn Humanoid - Grey Arts 

Gender: Female 


Liru stands 5'3" tall with a petite figure, thin waist, and soft B cup breasts complimented by lovely peachy skin. Her hair is long, straight, and silver, glinting brilliantly in the sunlight and often pulled back into thick braids or pigtails. Her face is gentle and rounded, with plush cheeks and large, expressive bright gold eyes. She has no non-human features, although she is capable of shapeshifting and sometimes appears with wings. She typically wears white dresses and long flowing clothing that floats and swirls around her. She prefers gold-toned accessories, and her favorite Earthen gemstone is Moonstone. 


Liru is a sweet, happy Greyborn with a youthful appearance to match her seemingly boundless energy. She loves life, finding beauty in all aspects of the world, even those that may be considered dark by some. She gets along amazingly well with almost anyone, having traveled through Demon and Angel realms alike learning everything she could along the way. She has always had a passion for spirituality and magick, particularly involving the Moon and stars. Ever since she was a child she has longingly gazed up at the night sky, looking in awe at the gold and silver dots glittering across the horizon and bathing herself in their light. Her fascination with the sky turned into a lifestyle as she grew older, she began learning ways to store that light, to control it and meld it to manifest her desires. She studied under numerous witches both in her home realm and abroad, her thirst for knowledge fueled by her wish to envelop herself in the brilliance of the night sky. Liru would be happy meditating or practicing magick with her new keeper, she also has a passion for Divination and Scrying, especially Tarot, so she would love to be included if you partake in those. She is curious about human media and entertainment, but she would not like any show or movie which had exceptionally violent subject matter. 


Liru is a skilled Grey Witch, knowing spells and techniques to banish, cleanse, shield, protect, as well as more specialized spells for healing with Lunar energy, and wish granting with Lunar and Stellar energy. She does magick in a fantastic, aesthetic manner, energy dancing around her in glowing ribbons as she sings her heart's sole desire, her body dancing and causing the energy to ebb and flow, accumulating in a giant glowing sphere that completely encases her- Finally, she will send her wish out to the universe, all of the energy dispersing at once and exploding out into the world like a brilliant firework. She is morally Grey, close to humans, and she would be happy to use her abilities on your behalf- but she will not harm others without reason. She does not require offerings, but she would love to sit out under the moonlight and relax with you on nights with calm weather. 


Liru is open to being sexual and romantic with her future keeper, regardless of gender. She is timid and submissive, and unlikely to initiate such a relationship on her own. As she spends time with you, if love blossoms, she is more than willing to explore those feelings with you. 

Prebound L - The Lunar Witch

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